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No complex entries, no long sentences, no deep thoughts.

It’s not because I wear black shirts, it’s not because I listen to heavy metal.  Cred is more than that.  Cred is all I have.  Cred is not just about music; it’s not just about writing.  Cred is about living. Cred is about living that life without stepping on anybody.  Cred is about facing the music.  Cred is about tuning up the band to play the beat you believe in.  Cred is to give the same passion, the same fury, the same energy, whether you play in a small town bar or a big stadium.  Cred is the best resistance against a world that saps you of it.

One more thing about cred: you earn it.  You live it.  You become it.  You don’t listen to a track of hardcore or metal and call yourself a follower of the epistles and gospels of rock and roll.  You don’t carry a guitar and call yourself a rock god.  The fight should be in you.  The war within should move you.  When the walls break, you stick around.  When the fans leave, you stick around.  When the smoke clears, when the pyro burns itself out, when the lights dim and you play to nothing more than concrete floors and plastic chairs, you stay.  You rock.

Honor. Either you have it, or you don’t.

Integrity. Either you have it, or you don’t.

Cred. Life.  Rock, and roll.  Enough said.

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    hear hear.

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