Showbiz Shootin': "Tayong Dalawa" Press Conference

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You see folks, I can’t talk about politics and translate lyrics all the time.  Sometimes I just have to sit back, put the problems of this country behind me for a time, and enjoy showbiz.

At the invitation of my good friend Flowell Galindez, I got invited into a grand press conference/tribute dinner for the cast and crew of ABS-CBN’s latest teleserye, “Tayong Dalawa,” starring Jake Cuenca, Gerald Anderson, and Kim Chiu.

My mission: to take a picture of Jake Cuenca for a friend.  Gwapo nya daw kasi. I don’t know about that, since I cannot make an objective opinion about male gwapo-ness even if I tried.  Besides, I can’t take a good picture for the life of me.

I had to leave early owing to the burnination in my lungs, but I did manage to chronicle my little adventure at Treatino, Greenhills with my bad photography with a camera I don’t keep in a proper camera case.

“Tayong Dalawa,” as I gather it, is the story of two military-type dudes named David Garcia, Jr. (Jake and Gerald), fighting for the love of Audrey (Kim).  I don’t know where I’ve seen or read that before, but when you have Cherry Pie Picache and Helen Gamboa in the mix, and the legendary Miss Anita Linda, then you have soap opera stuff worth watching.

Of course, my short adventure at the launch wouldn’t be complete without taking some random picture of food:


That’s some version of pepper steak and some version of chicken with something I can definitely confirm to be rice.  I’m not the best foodie in the world, but it was a fun departure from chicken I usually have at McDonald’s.

I was trying to get a picture of Jobert Sucaldito, all right, but I wasn’t able to get him within range of my point-and-shoot.  The sight of Jobert, though, sort of gave me an epiphany into the possibilities of trimming my hair.

Of course one of the first pictures I had to take was Kim Chiu:


You definitely have to be a moron – or a writer suffering from repetitive stress injury – to pull off that kind of epic fail.  Now you know that someone can mess up a picture of Kim, and that’s me.

Then there was Kimerald + Jake:


Being the worst photographer in the planet, I only managed to zoom the camera enough to 1x zoom for the better part of me and my lung-burnination in Teatrino.  This wasn’t a complicated DSLR I was using, but a simple point-and-shoot.

Allow me to reacquaint my palm with my face as I show you some pictures of celebrities… and the back of an ABS-CBN cameraman, along with a nice-looking curtain.  There’s Alessandra de Rossi…


Agot Isidro…


Helen Gamboa…


Mylene Dizon…


Coco Martin…


Baron Geisler…


Gina Pareño…


Miguel Faustmann…


And the back of Spanky Manikan.


Yes, I’m one of the very few people in the world who got a picture of the back of one of our country’s finest thespians.  Hey, I tried.

But as a fan of Filipino film, I did get a tear in my eye seeing Anita Linda, who did get very surprised at the tribute:


When Gary Valenciano sang the theme song just as Jobert was leaving, I did manage to get a good picture that has a lot of semiotic value in it, although I just couldn’t seem to put my finger on it.


The way I see it, one good photo does not compensate for my complete lack of photographic skill.  Semiotics, much.

And I managed to snag this one, too:


I guess it’s safe to say Kimerald for the win, but who’s saying that Jake Cuenca and Kim Chiu don’t make for a cute couple?  Hmmm… dammit, Marocharim, clean the goddamn lens!

Then again, the mission is far from complete.  My friend wanted a picture of Jake Cuenca.  As I was at the jeep browsing my camera conceding defeat, I came across that one picture:


The Kimerald FTW case may have met its match here.  Although I still can’t help but think “Palos.”

And that was showbiz shootin’ with Marocharim: the Philippine blogosphere’s self-proclaimed worst photographer.

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    whahaa its really funny! but really informative 🙂

    • jho
    • January 8, 2009

    though you claim that you’re not that good in photography i can say that you gave me a very nice pix and excellent story of what had happened back there and i very much appreciate it so much.

    thanks a lot for the update and the kuwentos.

  2. Reply

    funny how the supporting actors and actresses are actually award winners, while the main actors are not. hehehe!

    • LyNcH!n6
    • February 22, 2010

    jAkEbeRLy & k!merALd sO swEet…
    LOvE iT ?

    • kImeRaLd N' jAkEbErLy
    • February 22, 2010

    jAkEbeRLy N’ k!mEraLd ….
    LoVe iT

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