Marocharim's New Year's Resolutions

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I doubt I’ll make good on any New Year’s Resolution I’ll make.  Truth be told, I can’t stick to a single resolution, much less the seven I’m planning to fulfill this year.  These resolutions have nothing to do with destabilizing The Government or enacting change in society (no, they don’t), but they do have a lot to do with improving the lot of my life.  Seven small resolutions for 2009:

  1. I plan to cut down on cigarettes. I’m still pretty much a thirty-sticks-a-day smoker on a good day, but I think I’ll do well with taking 10 sticks out of the cigarette quota and smoke a pack a day by December 31, 2009.  Then again, I can hear the distant laughter of some people at this point.
  2. I won’t overexert myself at work anymore. I’ve been kicking ass at work for the past 10 months that I think some slacking off is necessary.  I’ve been looking at the monthly reports and realized that my social life is dead because I’ve been working a bit too hard.
  3. I’ll try to correct my posture. It’s not my hair that’s the problem with my overall look, but my posture.  My parents have observed that my rather mild case of scoliosis has now turned into a horrible hunch.  I have to admit: my shoulder and spinal alignments are turning me into an 80-year-old man.
  4. I’ll try my best to drink less. I’m not sure how I can give up the daily beer, but I suppose I can tone  down my hard drinking in time for my liver to cope with the copious amounts of alcohol I consume.  These days, I think that reducing alcohol consumption is all for the best.
  5. I’ll read more books. To kill boredom, I read, and my apartment is already filled up with all sorts of books.  I already have about three dozen thick ones, which goes to show you how bored I can get.  I resolve to get more for 2009, and I’ll probably end up sleeping on a pile of books at the end of the year.
  6. I’ll bloghop more often. I’ll be honest; I haven’t been the most conscientious blogger in the world, and I probably have missed out on a lot of cool blogs out there that I haven’t read yet, or haven’t heard of.  Bloghopping more often means that I will have to eventually update my blogroll.
  7. I’ll get a girlfriend. Fat chance, I’ve been making this exact same resolution for years without success.

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    Good luck with your plan.

    Regarding posture correction – poor posture is almost always caused by excess muscle tension.

    A lot of people try strengthening exercises to get rid of poor posture, but I can’t see the sense in adding even more tension to solve the problem. What most people don’t realise is that once that excess muscle tension is released then the body will automatically have good posture.

    In other words good posture is not something that needs to be learned, but unlearned.

    Tim Brennan

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    uhm… one word, marx. goodluck!

    • lol
    • December 29, 2008

    i’m volunteering to be your girlfriend! if you’d only look around. how does March sound for you? or April? 😀


    not so secret admirer.

    • Jie
    • December 30, 2008

    Well Marck, looks like you can cross out number 7 on your list. Here’s toasting I won’t see you gulp down a cola every bloody day in the office. 😀

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    Jie: the damn cola keeps me alive

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