Get Me Beer, You Get TMX

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So, how much is The Marocharim Experiment?

Permit me to be less-than-idealistic here and talk about how much I could make in the event that I lose my mind.  That is, sell and cede the rights to TMX.  After all, everything does have a price.

Using the infallible, incorruptible Website Value Calculator, which claims to “ananyze” Web sites (yes, “ananysis”), The Marocharim Experiment is valued at… drum roll please…

One hundred and three US dollars.  That’s around P5,000.  For my Lithuanian readers, that’s 333 litai; that can buy you a lot of aspic (meat preserved in it’s own gelatinous goodness).

The other nail-biting news of the day that Reyna Elena just called me a Hollywood bomba star (wow, Reynz, I’m now on the same league as Peter North), but the news of the day is talk of a “list” that my good friend Pat Mangubat alleges does exist. Apparently, this list is a scam that puts all political bloggers under watch for some alleged scam operation.  BrianB has an interesting thought on the matter, and so do Jester, The Ca t, Ria, and Smoke.

(The arrangement of names is very interesting.)

I have nothing interesting to contribute given the piddly cost of my blog… I’m worth five thousand pesos for chrissakes.  Of course, when I think of it in terms of beer and cigarettes, things become a bit more interesting.

Hmmm… five thousand pesos to “sell my soul to the Devil.”  That’s good enough for eight cases of beer, a few reams of cigarettes.  What do I need a soul for, then?  Eight cases of beer is probably enough to kill me, which technically would condemn my soul to boiling sulfur and oceans of fire, which means you don’t have to deal with a guy who translates lyrics and can commit suicide merely by wrapping his penis around his neck.  Any which way you look at it, I win.

In the end, it all boils down to three things:

  • Pat, or any other blogger, has to prove that said list actually exists.
  • If that list exists, there should be indisputable proof that a scam is in the works.
  • I must be worth more than P5,000, you think?

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    Hahaha! That’s what happens to Hollywood Bomba Stars hehehe they get starstruck! I need an authograph and a picture from you hehehe!

    I hope you don’t throw shoes or pulbura with me, that was an endearing term coming from me hahaha pwamis, biro talaga yun

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