X-List: Marocharim's Lack of Photography Talent

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I don’t consider myself a good writer, but I do consider myself to be the worst photographer on the face of this planet.

Months ago, I received a nifty point-and-shoot digital camera (a Samsung D760, nothing fancy) for a job well done at the office.  When you have a camera, you have the urge to take pictures of everything: food, scenery, stuff.  I hate cellphone cameras the most; I’m particularly annoyed by kawaii poses.  If you do that to me on one of my bad days, I will take your own two fingers and gouge out your own eyes with them… but that’s just me.

Business people call it “core competencies:” when you’re really good at something, you stick with it.  I know of many writers who are good photographers, but somehow, that just doesn’t hold true for me.  As a friend of mine says, I’m “such a good writer” that I’m pretty much incompetent with a lot of things:

  • I don’t know how to count change.
  • I have zero acting talent.
  • I know how to sing, just as long as it’s Backstreet Boys.
  • I can’t dance, period.

For this week’s X-List, I decided to take myself to task, and show the world just how bad a photographer I am.  As any photographer will tell you, it’s not about the camera: it’s about the person using it.  For all intents and purposes, I totally and completely suck.

I hope won’t be seeing any digital SLRs under the tree this year… but you’ll see – literally – what I mean.

1.  Shaw Boulevard MRT Station


Makes me wonder why Ortigas Station and Shaw Boulevard Station are built so close together.

2.  San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center


You know, when you take a clearer picture, it would look and feel like Death Race.

3. Araneta Center, Cubao


It looks wrong from many angles.

4. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City


Either the lights short-circuited or we’re looking at the Burning Bush.

5. Tektite Towers, Ortigas Center


Looks like a couple of radioactive glowing Skyflakes crackers.

6.  San Miguel Corporate Headquarters, Ortigas Center


From this view, San Miguel HQ looks like the outpost of the Psychlos in Battlefield Earth… or it just sucks.

7. Tropical Hut Cheeseburger, SM Megamall Food Court


Very… Freudian.  Enough said.  But they have damn good burgers.

8. San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center


It could have looked good, but it’s a Blue’s Clues day for Ehrteegess.

9. Baguio Cathedral (from SM City Baguio)


How I can manage to screw up the most photographed angle of the Cathedral, I do not know.

10. Pantene Bloggers’ Party, SM Mall of Asia


If you want any further proof that my photography skills absolutely suck, this is it.

6 comments on “X-List: Marocharim's Lack of Photography Talent”

  1. Reply

    You don’t “totally and completely suck.”

    I’m not convinced. Try harder.

    In fact, I think you have a lot more potential than some…people I know. 😉

    • DK
    • December 7, 2008

    voting for the San Miguel Avenue Ortigas and the Tektite towers.

    wait, is this a voting thing? I jsut adore zoom blurs and night shots. mukhang ganito iyon e:)

  2. Reply

    Maya: who, that guy? nyahahaha

    DK: my favorite is the burger.

  3. Reply

    Yes, you suck. Could your lack of photography skills be connected to your inability to locate and effectively use a hair comb? Just a thought.

    • DK
    • December 8, 2008

    a not on the burger: macro function! 🙂

  4. Reply

    Interesting read. There is currently quite a lot of information around this subject around and about on the net and some are most defintely better than others. You have caught the detail here just right which makes for a refreshing change – thanks.

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