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Here’s a gem of a quote today from Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita:

“Let’s pacify people rather than encourage talks on People Power.”

Uh… yeah.

Lately the Palace and This Government have been at the center of quite a lot of slip-of-the-tongue occurences that, to be honest, I find rather amusing.  And yet, I find them insulting.

Like that one time when Press Secretary Jesus Dureza made the “light” prayer that the President guide and govern this country “until 2010, and perhaps, even beyond.”  Or when Rep. Pablo Garcia likened Gloria Arroyo’s impeachment to the passion and crucifixion of Jesus.  Now we have Sec. Ermita saying that we, the people, should be pacified.

Of course, what made this a very yummy prospect was a boodle fight that involved lechon manok, fish fillet, pancit and eggplants.  Yummy… I like lechon manok myself, just so you know.

Still, I can’t get my mind off the idea of “pacification.”  I hope that we don’t descend into chaos for the sake of our common peace; but to “pacify people” means to treat them as warmongering folk, or worse, to treat them as infants.  Pacification is to practically castrate and neuter the public, rendering them incapable of resistance and action.  Sec. Ermita’s comment was, at least to me, a very telling moment of what The Government’s priorities are.

We’d rather be pacified than satisfied.  We’d rather kiss the hand that feeds us than bite the hand that oppresses us.  We are placated, rather than empowered.  Perhaps every single act of resistance against the power will, from here on in, be given the proverbial pacifier treatment.  It is that telling moment that manifested itself in the junking of the impeachment complaint, that the Government would rather silence and repress all opposition than to, at the very least, listen to it.

It is that telling moment that rather than shove the truth in our faces just to get things over with, we’re being shoved the proverbial tsupon. That’s all we’ll get; to paraphrase a popular pro-wrestling group, if we’re not down with that, we’d rather suck it.

As for myself, I’m not buying it.  I’m way too old for tsupon.

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