There'll Be No Shelter Here

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What you need is what they sellin’
Make you think that buying is rebellin’
From the theaters to malls on every shore,
The thin line between entertainment and war
The front line is everywhere, there’ll be no shelter here.

– Rage Against the Machine, “No Shelter”

Some degree of hope makes me think that the august and honorable members of Congress would consider our intervention, but I have the feeling that the way things are going, the intervention – and the possible impeachment of the person occupying the highest office in the land – will be junked.  The batting average for successful impeachments is quite low, and these days you wouldn’t expect anyone to go out to EDSA and, even just symbolically, stand up against the Regime.

Why aren’t we doing that, I do not know.  Maybe we’re just tired, maybe we’re weighed down by things that are smaller than we are.  Or maybe we’ve given up hope in what this country stands for, in what we – as a people – stand for.

I’m not a lawyer or a politician, but I think that Congress should accommodate the bloggers’ intervention.  The BJE MOA-AD was declared to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  That, at least to me, is the damning error (among many other things) that should – from any sane and rational perspective – make Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo impeachable.  Should Gloria Arroyo be guilty of the charge of violating the Constitution, then she should be removed from the Presidency.  The unconstitutionality of the BJE-MOA is an addition to the many impeachable acts that we’re trying the President for.

The Philippines is a country governed by laws, and not by technicalities.

Like I said before: it doesn’t matter if GMA has two years or two days left in her Presidency.  If she is found to be unfit to rule by virtue of a fair evaluation of evidence – or an admission of guilt – then the law doesn’t say that she doesn’t have to pay the price in the name of “stability” and “progress.”  I reiterate: justice, fairness, and freedom are not words or compromises, but are perspectives.

I don’t want to unfairly skew whatever decisions the House will make tomorrow (as if siguro nagbabasa sila ng blog), but I feel that debating on the technicalities of parliamentary procedure is not an act of protecting the Philippine interest.  I think that the interest of the Filipino people, whose country was divided in an act of deception and in a culpable violation of that one doctrine that binds us all, must be addressed.  Not because of technicalities, but because of merits; because of justice, fairness, and freedom.

Of course, I just have the gut feeling that there’s no shelter for those virtues here, when something as simple as citizenship – doing the right thing – escapes the grasp of some people.  I can only hope I’m wrong, and that tomorrow, Congress will stand up for something right, and be the shelter of justice that they’re supposed to be.

Else you know what Rage Against the Machine song I’ll be listening to.

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