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Today’s interesting bit of news is that Manny Villar is no longer Senate President.  He’s now replaced by Juan Ponce Enrile.  I’d like to talk about that, but I’ll reserve my venom until the impeachment trials.  And no, the fact that I’m not using posporo (Commando, to be exact) is not a political statement against Enrile.

Let’s digress from my “inspirational political messages” – that is, if you’re actually inspired by them – and talk about something rather important.  To me, that is.

Fresh off my move to Makayry Siry (that’s Makati City for you… although being 15 minutes away from work has its perks), Tonyo texted me at 1:30 AM.  I was kind of expecting another of his funny text messages when he had some rather interesting news: my Cebu Pacific Blogging Challenge entry won me a free trip to General Santos City, courtesy of Cebu Pacific.  After a phone call from my dad reminding me to tone down my rabid anti-Government views, I decided to check whether or not I actually won.

Guess what, I actually won.  For all intents and purposes of a deal: Marocharim knew the news first from, via mobile.

Anyway, in Fist in the Air in the Land of Hypocrisy*, which is now rather “famous” thanks to MLQ3’s latest Inquirer column (I guess I can do my dad a favor now), BrianB and TonGuE-tWisTeD both have comments about my hair.  BrianB, out of concern perhaps, wants me to cut my hair because I might get beat up by police.  TonGuE-tWisTeD, on the other hand, thinks that my hair is… let’s just quote him:

On the other hand, I would prefer his long hair. Well. long hair can also be kept decent-looking and formal. Let that symbolize and represent the youth, the proactive ones, not the apathetic gadgetdumbed bozos we’ve always crowed about.

Uh… ummm… yeah.  Ah… hmmm… my hair?  A symbol for the youth?

Ah… uh… ummm… hmmm…

Did I mention I won a free trip to General Santos City?

(Chee-rist, they’d better make up their minds about our intervention.)

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