God Save The Queen

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God save the Queen
She ain’t no human being
There is no future
In England’s dreaming

Don’t be told what you want
Don’t be told what you need
There’s no future, no future
No future for you…

– Sex Pistols, “God Save the Queen” 

Over at Filipino Voices, there’s this interesting fellow named “The High Priest of Smokes.”  I’m not a very good enemy-maker (unless it’s an entry related to Manny Pacquiao), but the fellow has been going about entries playing the pro-GMA card, much to the chagrin of my fellow FV contributors Pat Mangubat and Ding GageloniaRom, after reading the High Priest’s blog, almost quit smoking.

If chagrin and the possibility of taking my vice under control can be found in a blog, it’s worth a try… but I kind of got a wee bit ticked off.

The philosopher A.J. Ayer writes that no moral system can rest solely on authority.  Having said that, here we go.

I hate having to repeat myself every now and then for everyone’s benefit, but my belief in Gloria Arroyo being wrong is not because I’m right.  The bearing here is that as a voter, I am entitled to believe that Arroyo’s… residency, in Malacanang is not rooted in a moral high ground.  GMA’s Presidency cannot be justified to me.  Just because she is the “authority” at this point doesn’t mean that she’s right; when she called that COMELEC Commissioner a few years ago to “protect her votes” and screw me out of my vote, she was not right.

Insert political killings, emergency powers, public relations brouhaha, and all that jazz here.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we all are being screwed by the President.

Like Rom, this line bothered me very much:

Like this charter change thing. People will never understand why we want PGMA to extend her term. Yes, I’m saying it here with all candor–we are for the extension of PGMA’s term. We need her to continue what we’ve started and that is, create a society that promotes oligarchies. Plain and simple. I don’t want to mince words.

Thehighpriestofsmokes, 10/18/08

I’ll own up to it: there’s that urge to kick my size-six Skechers into the proverbial mouth of the said guy and see if he’ll be smoking through his anus, but this is still a free country.  Here’s a guy who literally dropped his pants and pissed on the very freedoms that our heroes died for, and yet he’s pretty much protected by the very rights that make us all Filipinos.  He’s entitled to believe in the preservation and perpetuation of this regime as much as I’m entitled to believe in its destruction.

No wonder I’m so depressed.

For someone to love democracy, someone has to love what it stands for: justice, equity, and opportunity.  Oligarchy does not promote any of those virtues; rather, it (fine, I’ll say it) sodomizes it.  Democracy and oligarchy are two things on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Rather than stand for virtue, oligarchies stand for injustice, inequality, and opportunism.  There’s a marked difference.

The fact that we do not understand why there’s a movement to extend her term should be enough reason why we shouldn’t: because it is not within the scope of the law that you so proclaim you respect.  I’m sure that the President is a hard-working little cookie (no pun intended), but it pains me to hear people say that she’s the only hard worker in the country.  It pains me to hear that under this regime, our hardest workers go unrewarded and retrenched.  It pains me to hear that when people fight for what’s right – for what is theirs – there are people like the High Priest who insist in the error of that struggle.

Damn if he’s not, but he’s free to say so.

Come November, we will get what we want and people will just follow us. These ordinary people do not have the strength nor the will to oppose us. We know it from experience and from surveys. If the likes of the Black and White Movement and those minions of this dreamer named Mar Roxas think they can muster enough numbers to oust Madame from power, they’re dreaming.

Pardon my impertinent, impolite answer… I raise my middle finger and spit on your grave as a sign of defiance.  Because sir, I will oppose you.  I will resist, no matter what, because this is my future you’re talking about.  I have something better than numbers, and that’s the belief that this is all worth fighting for.

So God save your queen, and her fascist regime.

3 comments on “God Save The Queen”

    • Lisa
    • October 25, 2008

    Ok, I read a bit of his blog — no intellectual orgasms, I tell you.

    He could be playing the GMA card to call attention to himself. Most likely a ploy to get some readership. Ignore him altogether.

    • Donde
    • October 26, 2008

    Aww…don’t be depressed. You should hear all the ignorant Americans that seem to flock compulsively around the Republican National Convention speak. Now that’s depressing.

    • Lisa
    • October 27, 2008

    “This queen, she my aunt, she my neighbor, she so crooked, she so smug, she no human being.” – my lullaby

    And the funny thing is, I called her little girl, which is my perfect right, which is in fact, literally true, when I posted a comment at Patricio Mangubat’s ABS CBN Violated No Law post, and a certain Bencard is now MY High Priest of Smokes, except that he does not have a blog. Drat!

    I still think that since democracy was imposed upon us, and we did not, as a race, arrive at this stage naturally, then we are, as a people not ready for it. Maybe democracy can only exist when there’s a strong middle class. No such thing yet in this country, where the oligarchs are dead set on keeping the chasm unbridgeable.

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