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Let us deal with a question of national interest: was ABS-CBN right in suspending Cristy Fermin for two months?

Yeah… we can’t be high-brow all the time.  This question comes from a guy:

  • Whose favorite love team is Rovic-Eds in “Tabing Ilog”
  • Who has an unhealthy showbiz crushing on Anne Curtis (I swear, I could look at those billboards all day)
  • Who thinks that Angelica Panganiban should stick to being Scarlet and stop that “Banana Split” shtick
  • Who believes that a proper mathematical representation of love teams would be Rico-Claudine > JC-Rhian > Wowie-Juday > Spongebob-Patrick > Bruce-Wendy
  • Who thinks that Pauleen Luna looks WAAAY too much like Janelle Jamer (yes, the former Wowowee girl)

Yes, I am a regular showbiz fanatic.  If I had my way, I’ll stop writing about politics together and I’ll keep writing showbiz entries.  If I had my way, I’ll be the Philippine blogosphere’s equivalent to Billy Bush.

Anyway, I think this whole Cristy Fermin-Nadia Montenegro war started when Gabby Concepcion came back here.  I have nothing personal against Gabo – I still remember those “Shawee-Gabby” games back in the schoolyard – but they weren’t kidding when they talked about a “monster comeback.”  When Gabby returned, all hell broke loose.

Fast-track to this week, when ABS-CBN management slapped a hefty two-month suspension on Manay Cristy.  From what I read, it seems that Manay Cristy went just a tad too far in saying that Nadia had a baby when she was still in-the-know, had it delivered at a Pasig hospital, and then months later presented said child to the world as her adopted kid.  So bye-bye for now to Manay Cristy.

Earlier I went on a short blog-hop of countless sites where a lot of Fermin-bashing has been going on: it seems to me that Cristy Fermin has become our equivalent to the Antichrist.  I wouldn’t be surprised if people will demand the return of the garrote just for Cristy’s purposes, or have her lynched.

Although I’ll be rather surprised to see if anyone has the idea to carve out a couple of logs, put Cristy in it, feed her honey and milk, and throw her into some dank marsh somewhere in the dengue-infested cesspools of the MWSS and have her consumed from the inside-out.  Ah, yes: good old scaphism, look it up.

Hmmm… for someone who’s a self-confessed has-been, Nadia’s been appearing a whole lot on TV these days… I’m just saying.

If you asked me, it couldn’t possibly end this way.  The saga shouldn’t end this way.  It’s just so… corny, for ABS-CBN to stop the madness in such a corporate fashion.  The least I expected was a bitchslap in front of a nationwide audience.  I expected that, in their rage, these two non-entities in my perennial showbizzy thoughts would grab Jobert Sucaldito and use his hair to strangle the life out of that motherfuckin’ bitch.

I’ll leave you to make up your mind about the point of reference, but this is just a stupid way to end it.  I was expecting more along the lines of Japanese deathmatch wrestling.  Cristy Fermin and Nadia Montenegro: no ropes 200-volt double hair double barbed wire double land mine glass-crush death match.

I’ll pay to see that one.

4 comments on “La Suspendida”

    • ewik
    • October 17, 2008

    three words: serves her right!

  1. Reply

    ewik: 16 words.

    no ropes 200-volt double hair double barbed wire double land mine glass-crush death match

    • ewik
    • October 18, 2008

    very well said ms. baguio… applause! applause! applause!

    this is so gay! hahaha

  2. Reply

    Yes! This is an issue of national interest!

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