Bullet Points 10/10/08

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Because my job requires me to use bullet points… I’ll get to full-on entries tomorrow.

  • Jen Llarena gave this blog a whole new different name in her blog: “The Marocharim Experience.”  Note to Jen: keep it. I like how it sounds.
  • Today on Google Analytics: I have successfully “greened” every single nation on the European continent except Austria and Switzerland.
  • The number one search term that makes people read TMX: “emo.”
  • Reliable sources tell me that the impression I make at the office is that I’m an extremely shy nice guy who walks as if he’s going to fall over.  I walk, you decide.
  • I have a new toy: a Samsung d760 digital camera.  Corporate self-mutilation does not go unrewarded.  Now time to take pictures of hot women.
  • Over at An Apple a Day, Pantene is sponsoring a blogger’s party next week at Taste Asia, SM Mall of Asia.  I need a hair treatment.  I’m the 100th registrant, which is freaky.

Well, that’s it… I only have five minutes to do this.

3 comments on “Bullet Points 10/10/08”

    • Jen
    • October 10, 2008

    wahaha i was thinking of the jimi hendrix experience kasi 😀

    • ewik
    • October 11, 2008

    congrats with your new toy marx!!1 hmm… i am smelling a cam whore rising… hehehe

  1. Reply

    if the people in the office read your blog, then they wouldn’t have said that you are a tortured, shy, nice guy. but the walking part they’d probably still keep the impression :))

    hair treatment=new hair=new impression you might solicit from people. no more emo?

    bullet points, eh? that’s what people do when they are too pressed for time, I think.

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