The Singing Fools and Vader

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At last night’s Plurk Fiesta, where I once again exposed my androgynous visage to the public, the Jester-in-Exile, Prudence, and Marcelle had loads of fun reading the lyrics translations.  Some Plurkers are also having their headsmack moments.  Which brought the four people who had one of the most se(ns/x)ual experience in EDSA Shangri-La to have a crazy idea…

What if we made video logs and hosted the lyrics translations in a dedicated blogsite?  What if we could combine the powers of a producer (Prudence), a Rick Astley/Mike Abundo/Tony Falcon impersonator (Marcelle), a frustrated singer (Jester), and one really bored writer (myself) and, well, do whatever comes up?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the product of California Pizza Chicken mushroom-stuff: The Singing Fools and Vader.

Or as Marcelle puts it: “Bringing Pinoy music to the world.”

Do check that blogsite out for the OPM-to-English translations.  You’ll still see Tagalog translations of foreign pop hits here.

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