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“I am bound to this planet by a trail of six people.”

– John Guare, Six Degrees of Separation (1990)

At last week’s Philippine Blog Awards, where I accepted my “defeat” over some delicious Caesar’s salad rolls (whatever Yaya, I’m such a gracious loser), I made the idle threat to The Jester-in-Exile that the six-degrees-of-separation thing may be enough reason for me to “quit blogging,” although I still have to make a flame-bait article that will make me obscenely famous.

I’m already the next big thing to hit the Baltic States (yes, I already have a bookmark from the Estonians), but I’m still not contented.

Although really, it bothers me to know the following things over at the PBA and this weekend’s Bloggers’ Oktoberfest:

  1. The Blogger in Black and the Man in the Floppy Hat are hometown neighbors (I live in Brookside and he lives in Navy Base).
  2. Me and Shari were former schoolmates (to think that we belonged to the same organization, went to the same computer shop, and never – at those moments, at least – even talked).
  3. The Warrior Lawyer is a true-blue Baguio boy like myself (strangely enough, Atty. Butch has family in La Trinidad, which is like a jeepney ride from my place).
  4. Myuzeeshun and I have a common friend, Santaflor, who I can now conveniently call my “blogging mom” (it’s Santaflor’s old blog that inspired me to start blogging).
  5. Josiah’s Catering, who fed the bloggers with those Caesar’s salad rolls I love so much, is where Xaris works for.
  6. Myself and Marcelle Fabie both have a thing for Bluetooth headsets placed just above the right ear (that’s destiny, dude).

You think that you already have enough of the six-degrees thing going on in Friendster or Facebook, but it never occurred to me that this can all happen in real life.  It begs for a bad karaoke hit from the olden times:

The world is getting smaller, the population grows
Where oh where can sweethearts go when they wanna be alone
Out to the park we went walking, to a quiet spot by the lake
We found some kids playing cowboy there and they wouldn’t go away
So no romance that day…

Dum didlee-hi-dee, dum-didlee yea, where can you hide away
Dum didlee-hi-dee, dum-didlee yea, where can you hide away

– Mark Dinning, “The World Is Getting Smaller”

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    • Jen
    • October 7, 2008

    Add the fact that your former teacher, Dr. Rood, is/was my boss at the Asia Foundation 😀

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