Yes, This is "S2pid Luv" Translated Into English

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Awhile ago, a friend of mine gave me a rather interesting lyrics translation challenge: is it possible for me to translate a song that’s “impossible” to translate?

Before anything else, let me define the word “impossible.”  I have written about things that people would find “impossible” to write about.  As a content writer, I do that for a living; eight hours a day, five days a week.  In the long, storied, irrelevant history of The Marocharim Experiment, I have written about things that people find “impossible” to write about:

I don’t have to remind people that I write about masturbation as an act of defiance, I write about bus rides, and lately, lyrics translations.

Which brings me to lyrics translations: again, is there anything “impossible” to translate?  My friend challenged me to write a translation of – your guess is as good as mine – “S2pid Luv” by Salbakuta.

Nothing is impossible?  Impossible is nothing?  I’m Maro-Fuckin’-Charim.  If I can write stupid, nonsensical, yet “poignant” observations and rantage that comes from the extra brain I keep in my left testicle, then I CAN translate that song.

I’ll get around the technicalities of making a second blog for lyrics translations over the weekend.  For now, I’m inserting a break tag.

You have been warned.  This translation is what I can do in five minutes.

Stupid Love 

Translation of “S2pid Luv”
Original by Salbakuta feat. Nasty Mack

(Verses by Madd Killah)
When I first fell in love with you
I thought that you’re love was real and true
But in time I saw your colors and girl you made me blue
You always raise your eyebrows, and I know you always tease
But you use my own money just to spend on your caprice
You’re like an old sphinx, your attitude kinda stinks
And when you talk me down, oh I just wanna shrink
Girlie, biddy, bye bye, don’t tell a lie
I wanna know why it’s me you always deny
All the goods I’ve done, I did not get recognition
You like to take collections, but ignore all my affections
Yo, anyway, everyday, you a different guy to text
And one time I caught you in some guy’s bed having sex
Oh I would rather choose to be cruficied
Than to stand here in your face and be stupified
So don’t be sad, so don’t be mad
You know I’ll expose you for being really bad

Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning air
Love, one that is shared by two
(Stupid love!)
I have found in you

(Verses by Bendeatha)
My life became so different when we met the first time
Every hour every minute, can’t get you out of my mind
Oh I didn’t eat, just to get you on the phone
Between you and me, until the break of dawn
No one else comes close, that’s the promise that we made
But did you ever prove that when he came back to your parade
You told me you still love him, and that you’re really sorry
Whatever can I do but to go and set you free
Oh I almost had to curse you, you caused me so much pain
But it’s hard to forget you, I know it’s all in vain
I loved some other girls and I tried moving on
‘Coz the love I have for you, I know that I’m imprisoned
I looked in the mirror now, and I remember the past
Now I know it hurts to be (what) your very last
But before I end it all and pay the dues of karma
I love you, sincerely yours, Bendeatha

Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning air
Love, one that is shared by two
(Stupid love!)
I have found in you

(Verses by Nasty Mack)
Oh when will this story end, this very scene
I loved you but you made me look obscene
And it took a long time before I can recover
Whatever you did to me gave me a bad hangover
Do you remember the time, when it was us
I carried you from every taxi, train and bus
Oh I served you from the feet up to the head
Even you bras and panties I washed until my hands were red
Oh I consented to every single one of your mistakes
(OK, fine, you’re right in the first place)
Everything you asked me, I followed like an order
I follow you more than I ever do my mother
Every single thing, I gave it all for you
Then you treat me like dirt, like I was dog poo
And everytime you talk to someone, I have to be denied
If it’s a great looking guy, I always have to step aside
Damn, it’s so stupid to have a love like mine
What’s the reason why you have to treat me like swine
You fought with me, and tried to draw my ire
And with good-looking boys, you kept playing with fire
I’m crying my heart out, my head is out of whack
Whack, crack, smack, there goes the heart of Nasty Mack
Yeah, I confessed that I did love you once before
But now, (hahaha), get your ass out that door.

Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning air
Love, one that is shared by two
(Stupid love!)
I have found in you

Postscript: I think I need a challenge.  This one was a bit easy.

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  1. Reply

    Strange… the funny part is that I may need to translate those old entries into lay, Earth English.

    My, oh my… STUPID!

    • GPA
    • September 26, 2008

    Hahaha that was quite entertaining.

    If you want a challenge, try translating Harry Potter into Filipino. Hahaha.

    • Challenge
    • January 13, 2010

    you captured some of the song’s feelings and qualities but on certain definitely made it come out different as how it was supposed to be. such as the get your ass out the door on verses by nasty mac.

    its not thesame as him saying, pero ngayon, binabawi ko na.

    and so but now, i take it all back.

    not the same as get your ass out the door. get that straight.

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