War Against the Sex Machines

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Over at Filipino Voices, I wrote an article entitled “Fahrenheit 2464,” where I stated – in rather clean terms at that – why I disagree with Sen. Manny Villar’s proposed Senate Bill 2464, or the anti-porn bill.  I understand that the good Senator, who tries to pass himself off as morally erect (excuse the innuendo), wants to criminalize the production, viewing, and exhibition of “porn” in the country.  Here are some of the obscene and pornographic materials that the Senator wants you – should this law be passed – to pay P300,000 to P500,000 if you do make the immoral mistake of viewing it.  Quoting verbatim:

  1. Showing, depicting, or describing sexual acts;
  2. Showing, depicting, or describing human sexual organs or the female breasts;
  3. Showing, depicting, or describing completely nude human bodies;
  4. Describing erotic reactions, feelings, or experiences on sexual acts;
  5. Performing live sexual acts of whatever form.

Let’s admit it: Filipino society is full of Onanites and Sodomites who violate the purity of their bodily temples… at the mere mention of sex.  SB 2464, in fact, is a very important law because it prevents us from getting the animalistic satisfaction that will doom us to burning sulfur, and an ocean of hellfire and brimstone.  Sen. Villar, who is a philosopher of mind in this case, believes that the inherent duality of the body and the soul.  It must mean that what we do to our bodies is effectively what we do to the soul.  As such, it is up to a moral warrior to stand up (so to speak) against the immorality of humankind, and declare anyone who engages in the pleasure of the flesh to pay the price of his or her debauchery.

I’m kidding.  Yet SB 2464 is not a prelude to the state-wide ban against men who hold their penises because they urinate, or women who adjust their brassieres.  It’s a prelude to censorship and moral fascism…

And I, Marocharim, am at war.

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