State of the Experiment 2008… According to Google Analytics

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Today is a fine day that I almost forgot: it’s the first year anniversary of

Anyway, thanks to some prodding by Tonyo Cruz and some “de-mystification” by Miss Google Earth Philippines Aileen Apolo, I finally added another nifty new tool to my set of three active WordPress plugins: Google Analytics.  Great, I finally have a new toy to monitor… I mean, be more acquainted with, my audience here in The Marocharim Experiment.

Tonyo told me not to be too surprised with what I’m going to see, but I seem to have readers (or maybe blog-browsing robots) on every continent on Earth except Antarctica (I’ll start writing about penguins, grouper, and the international political implications of dividing the Ross Ice Shelf).  What really made my day of surveillance… I mean, readership acquaintance, was that I have a community of readers in unexpected places:

  • Iran (I hope it’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)
  • Belgium and the Netherlands (all I need is Luxembourg, and I’ve conquered the Benelux countries)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (I heart your candidate for Miss Universe)
  • Lithuania (my new favorite country… I LOVE YOU!)

It’s very probable that I got visits from Croatia because of feed-crawlers, proxy servers, or SEO specialists in the former Yugoslavia.  I don’t really care; the map to world-domination is clear that I am big in Eastern Europe… whatever.

So how am I doing in the Philippines?  Interesting question: my readers are centered around the National Capital Region.  What ticks me off is that I am way bigger in Makati than in my hometown of Baguio.  Ever since I installed Analytics, I got two – that’s right, TWO – visits from my own hometown.  For Chrissakes, I get more visits from Finland!

Of course, I may be getting way ahead of myself.  But hey, I love Google Analytics.

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    I’m glad you’re exploring Google Analytics! Have fun!

    • Abbey Tomas
    • September 17, 2008

    Congratulations to a year of angst! 🙂 Like I said, I am an avid reader. But I skipped the “Jackol” entry. I’m trying to be prude 🙂

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