Live from De la Salle CSB… Marocharim is at WordCamp!

Will I live-blog?  Nope: I figure that an entire queue of (electric) power-hungry bloggers here in De La Salle University College of Saint Benilde will all take their turns at power outlets.  I think a big-ass battery pack is in order, but not till I get my 13th month pay.

Anyway, live from whatever-the-fuck-this-auditorium’s-name-is in CSB, this is WordCamp Philippines 2008.

Everyone’s got a WordCamp shirt (or at least everybody I know and have met before, like Ria, Arbet, Shari and Arpee), and thanks to the power of not having PayPal, I don’t have one.  I should say I don’t care, but I think a lot of WordPress-titude must have something to do with having a cool-looking shirt.  For starters, I do have some WordPress item-age at my disposal (in more senses of the term):

  • WordPress sticker (this is SO going to my cubicle)
  • WordCamp pass (I laminated it, so?)
  • WordCamp Camper’s Badge.

Some notes on my Camper’s Badge… this is an absolute first in my four years of blogging: I can understand being called “Marocharim” every now and then, but I have never been called “Marocharim Rimorin” before.  Ever.  Just to be clear, I’m not complaining, I’m not making a big deal out of having a nickname I don’t use, but calling me “Marocharim Rimorin” sort of has that effect of calling me “Ronald” in public.

Again, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, WordCamp just started.  Viva la raza.

*     *     *

UPDATE 2:08 PM: Matt Mullenweg, a.k.a. WordPress God, has just introduced new innovations in the coming versions and releases of WordPress.  I’ve been skeptical of WP before, but this has GOT to be the most rock-and-fuckin’-roll content management software that there is in the world today.  So much so that even Friendster Blogs – which used to be the blogging platform for pissants – is now actually using WordPress (from TypePad, I think).

And did I just just see Ria kiss Matt?  Tonyo can’t believe it either.

*     *     *

UPDATE 3:50 PM: One of the more interesting things about being in a “bloggers’ convention” is that you get to know some parenthetical (non-tabular) demographics for laptop use.  For example, The Mordo (who is seated beside me right now… shoutouts for him pointing me to an unused power outlet) is using an Asus EEE 900, which is one of my dream machines.  Tonyo, who is also a proud owner of an Asus EEE, is the first blogger I’ve ever seen to use a Nokia E71 to blog.  There are MacBooks, of course, but I think I’m the only guy here using a Lenovo.

I got one shirt thrown at me, by the way… I didn’t leave this place empty-handed after all.

*     *     *

UPDATE 4:39 PM: Q&A with Matt Mullenweg.  Leave it to me to ask the tough, important questions:

Marocharim: Why is your blog entitled “Unlucky in cards?”
Matt: In the States we have a saying, “Unlucky in cards, unlucky in love.”  So it kind of goes that way.

Hoo-hah, Ria, the swooning seems to work!

Marocharim: OK sir, who would you vote for?
Matt: I’m taking a chance, I’m voting Barack Obama.

There you go, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, is voting for Barack Obama.

Furthermore: WordPress is an equal opportunity employer.  That’s it, I’m getting a job there.

34 Replies to “Live from De la Salle CSB… Marocharim is at WordCamp!”

  1. Just a note, I said “I’m ready for change” with regards to Obama and “lucky in love” with regards to the tagline. 🙂

    Thanks for covering WordCamp!

  2. Pageman:

    Thanks for that! 🙂 As for the Internet connection, it sort of depended on where you are exactly. It was kind of strong around the side aisles, not so much the center.


    It looked like a kiss to me… at least it was an attempt.


    I’m honored to take your comment and your corrections. I’m not worthy! 😀

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