Of Shirt Logo Making and Touchpads

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Those discount cards make a lot of sense, but I don’t understand why Gloria Jeans should offer EYP cards instead of free wi-fi.  Nothing against e-Yellowpages, but come on!

I get to see Benj of Atheista.net every once in a while carrying a special Atheista-branded shirt, and Jester with his floppy hat, and almost every blogger these days carrying a calling card.  So in the interest of jumping into the blog branding bandwagon, I decided to narrow down my options into some ways to advertise my blog to the masses during blog get-together’s:

  • Corpse paint. I once suggested to Jester that I wear death metal corpse paint.  Scratch that, it’s a bad idea.
  • Calling cards. I’ll get around to making a calling card of my own in the future.  Besides, it makes me feel like my dad.
  • T-shirt. Which is what this blog entry is all about.

Being too much of a cheapskate to go to CD-R King to buy a proper mouse, I decided to break out my Photoshop skills with the touchpad of the Marocharim Writing Machine.  I came out with a rather nifty design concept for my official blog shirt using some Photoshop brushes sourced from somewhere:

With all that said, my sister’s friends will airbrush a shirt for me (I hope at a reasonable price) and have it ready for me next week come WordCamp Philippines (because they ran out of WordCamp shirts and I don’t have PayPal yet).  Said shirt has a sucky design because I don’t have a proper working mouse.

Great.  I finally have a brand.  I’ll still be cursing on live streaming video.

1 comments on “Of Shirt Logo Making and Touchpads”

    • GPA
    • August 24, 2008

    Nice design. Viva la occult!

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