Blood and Balls

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The word for it is schadenfreude.

As much as I despise the President, I do wish her the best of luck after last week’s stomach upset episode.  Apparently, GMA had some indigestion following a meal of bilo-bilo (sticky rice balls) and dinuguan (blood stew).  I wonder if she had that upset stomach following that “borjer” episode, but that’s just me.

I know all about upset stomachs myself, and I kind of sympathize with her on this one.  After all, Sec. Cerge Remonde – consistent with his public image as a stooge – also suffered from an upset stomach.  This was following the wake of Sec. Leandro Mendoza’s mother.  I can’t blame them, but I follow a simple rule during funerals: stick with the biscuits.

Like I said, the word is schadenfreude; what I find amusing about all of this is that there is some sort of obsession with Presidential shitting (I’m sorry, but I just had to say it).  While more than one person would decry that the President is full of shit, we’re the only country I know that would cover even executive toilet behavior.  In-depth analysis, so to speak; if my memory serves me right, The Media also covered Erap’s colonoscopy.  Erap wouldn’t be Erap without the orange wristband, the barong, the leather slippers, and the rectal polyps.

Schadenfreude has a lot to do with my own preferences towards dinuguan; I don’t eat bilo-bilo. Back in Baguio, the prejudiced bigot in me would head off to one of the many eateries at the Slaughter Compound right by Magsaysay Road, and eat in full view of the Iglesia ni Cristo church right across the street.  I just don’t know another place in Baguio that serves better dinuguan, and the counters and seats are just positioned in such a way that you’d face INC anyway.

At the very least, whatever the President was served succeeded in giving her the kind of upset stomach many could only dream of.  Although I have to give it up to the Prez: she has great taste in food.

I don’t want to know what kind of diarrhea she expelled.

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    • Kath
    • August 19, 2008

    ansarap talaga maging Pinoy. kasi naaaliw tayo sa diarrhea ng presidente natin.

    that’s how interesting life is. we have to busy ourselves knowing the president makes frequent trips to the toilet. I wonder: does she keep the toilet seat up?

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