Blogging in the Land of "Free" Wi-Fi

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Over some random instant messages, me and Tonyo both agree that wi-fi is beneficial, if not important, for blogging.  I’m still pretty much an Internet cafe blogger, but I managed to leach 15% wi-fi connectivity with a can of Pringles.  I still find wi-fi blogging to be rather obnoxious, if not irritating; it works for people like me who are on the go (although sometimes I wish I had an ultraportable like an Asus EEE instead of a fullsize laptop), but I can’t help but give myself a kick in the ass every time I’m forced to multi-task.  Right now, I’m eating dinner, checking e-mails, wondering why StatPress doesn’t work, and pissing myself off.

The kick in the ass part is rather simple.  I was against oppressive forms of capitalism and imperialism in my younger days, and here I am doing the following things:

  • Eating at McDonald’s
  • Using a laptop
  • Writing in the English language

I know it’s a narrow-minded way to put things into perspective, but when you’re pissed off and harrassed from a lot of corporate wrist-slashing emoness, well… it sure beats hypocrisy and excuse-making by a long shot.

At least I’m not in a coffee shop.

Shoutouts go to my colleagues at, the brainchild of Nick, for being voted as one of the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2008.  My apologies have to go to Jeanette Toral; this writer-freelance-journalist-self-proclaimed-rockstar-self-ascribed-stand-up-comedian has, in a live video stream of the event, said “ass” six times and came this close to saying the F word.

Whatever.  By the way, see you at WordCamp Philippines 2008.

Next on The Marocharim Experiment: a lengthy entry on outsourcing and cigarettes.

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    Great to meet you and hope you can join again next year. Cheers!

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