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If you’re wondering where I am, I’m at McDonald’s.  I have a full view of KC Concepcion’s posters for BAYO, and a full view of my least-favorite species in the animal kingdom: Homo sapiens sapiens.

I have zero fashion sense: I’m just a jeans-shirt-jacket fellow.  The only way I know how to “spice up” my usual non-fashionable self is when I wear boots, which are very impractical when you’re aboard the MRT and you’re walking from the Shaw Boulevard platform to Ortigas Center.  However, my jologs fashion sense had me developing a rather keen eye for the fashion sense of other people.

Like Makati City party girls who wear ultra-short miniskirts and shorts even if they have ensaymada dough for legs.  Or old women who think that glutathione makes them look less like Jason Voorhees… although they look like Michael Myers.  Leatherface, even.  Rather than make women look like movie stars, glutathione and whitening agents have the opposite effect.

And then there’s the fashion sense of fathers everywhere: the collared, short-sleeved polo shirt.  Nothing speaks more of corporate fatherhood than wearing a Lacoste polo shirt, jeans, and leather loafers.  I think the inventor of the Daddy-Do should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for changing the way we look at fatherhood in general.

Or that annoying trend of today, Abner Mercado’s abel Iloco scarf.  I don’t know what’s up with that, and I certainly don’t know what’s up with emo kids wearing it with their skinny jeans and Paramore t-shirts.  Then they take pictures of themselves at comfort rooms at Gateway… I just hope they don’t go to Recto.

Which begs the question… who the f**k is Paramore?

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    • Zye
    • August 4, 2008

    This one made me laugh. :p

    • Kris
    • August 6, 2008

    Do you wear those pointed cowboy boots?

    Apparently, the ‘horrendous’ fashion is not confined in Makati. In my hometown(the land of country music and cowboys…in the Philippines) such ‘fashionista’ abound. Lots of people wear mini skirt and skinny jeans even if their thighs are bigger than mine. Patatim, patatim! Hahahaha. And yes, that scarf. Wonder if young people now are trying hard to be ‘journalists'(by fashion). 0_o

  1. Reply

    @Kris: Oh yes, I wear the pointed boots myself. See, I am from Baguio. 🙂

    Back there, my fashion sense is limited to the thick jacket.

    • Kath
    • August 7, 2008

    paramore is a band. some emo band with the girl in pink hair. or orange. i forget.

    the intention of fat people when they wear short shorts are because they want others to feel good about themselves. They are doing good actually. isipin mo na lang, this is a selfless act by patatim girls to up the confidence of others. if that fails, you can just think they intend to make themselves laugh.

  2. Reply

    Ensaymada dough for legs. Haha. Nice analogy for the infamous thunder thighs. 😛

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