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After weeks, I finally got to watch “The Dark Knight.”  Me and my friend Dette watched it at Gateway, and we left the theater in a state of speechlessness and awe.  It certainly lived up to the hype, and then some.  I’m firmly convinced right now that the “dark knight” in the movie is not actually Batman, but The Joker.  And I’m going out on a limb in saying that “The Dark Knight” was the best movie the late Heath Ledger starred in, and deserves an Academy Award for it more than he ever did “Brokeback Mountain.”

I suppose that everything has already been said about “The Dark Knight” and how everyone loves The Joker, but I’d like to pay some odes and dues to Two-Face.  As a “Batman” fan, I never really developed a kind of affinity for Harvey Dent, but I now think that Two-Face deserves more than what we usually give him credit for.  I really liked about the bit with chance being fair.

Man, was I riveted to that Lamborghini Reventon cruising along Gotham City!

I think I won’t pollute the blogosphere with too many rants about “The Dark Knight” anymore.  Often, the best compliment to a movie is not – at all – to review something that damn good.

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    • kubi
    • July 29, 2008

    thank you. to review a movie this brilliant would do it little justice.

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