Virtual Inanity: Marocharim Goes To WordCamp

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Last night I frantically packed up my laptop and headed off to some wi-fi hotspot – I could care less where – to download iTunes. Ever the ignoramus when it comes to personal gadgetry (you’re talking to a guy who doesn’t know how to use unlimited texting), I forgot that for an iPod to work, it has to be synced in a suitable program (i.e., iTunes). Now I can listen to the guilty pleasures of the Dixie Chicks and Utada Hikaru.

Uh… whatever. I don’t know what “Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo” means, either.

Since I got the feeling that I’m stuck here, I decided to register for WordCamp Philippines, sponsored by MindanaoBloggers. I think that much about a blogger is defined by how much he or she knows about a blogging platform. While much about WordPress can be self-taught (hey, that’s how I survived almost one year of, I think I need to know more about this platform before I can give you cool themes in black-and-red. More than that, WordCamp gives me a great opportunity to meet with other bloggers with similar interests in blogging, writing, and politics.

Heck, it gives me a much, much needed break from the humdrum of making a living.

WordCamp Philippines is sponsored by the good people of:

WordCamp Philippines

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    • MiGs
    • July 26, 2008

    Thank you for registering for WordCamp Philippines!

    You will be receiving your camper pass via email soon.

    For updates, please visit
    and/or subscribe to its feeds:

    See you in WordCamp!

    on behalf of WordCamp Philippines Organizers

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