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I think Tonyo summed it up best as he helped me upgrade my old WordPress installation to the latest version (via Yahoo! Messenger and a phone call): atake de corazon, which I think is pidgin Spanish for “heart attack.”

It’s not that I’m technologically inept, it’s just that I’m borderline scared to do anything that requires serious site management, like SQL and databases.  Back when my blog was still in BlogDrive, I tinkered with a lot of CSS to get TMX in the familiar black-and-red.  Having a domain of my own (which reminds me that I have to pay for it soon, as soon as I can get a handle on Jehzeel Laurente) means that I need to have a little more commitment.

“Commitment,” like its romantic counterpart, basically means having the balls to take a serious step.  I had to upgrade my WordPress for three reasons:

  • WordPress Whatever.point.Whatever I used before (the blue one with the big editing window) was obsolete;
  • I have a lot of spare time in my hands, and;
  • I wanted to see why my dashboard was pestering me with a “Please Upgrade Now” reminder that has the uncanny ability to piss me off.

Woe upon me that I can’t smoke in the Internet shop, since I can’t stand the jittery feeling of backing up what I can of the website FTP.  So I decided to give Tonyo a buzz, who reminded me that I should backup my SQL (whatever that is) through “cpanel” (wherever the heck that was).

After a long exchange of messages that reminded me of “The Matrix,” Tonyo called me up, and figured that the best thing for me at that point was to use one of those automatic upgrade plugins.  It was a cross-your-fingers thing, so much so that I was turning pale just following the instructions.

Hot damn, it worked.  WordPress 2.5.1 looks like Friendster.

I guess I have a lot of things to learn about the Interweb: search engine optimization, Internet marketing, Digg, RSS, and so on and so forth…

“Famous five-minute installation,” my ass.  Preparing to upgrade WordPress took me two hours.  The plugin did it for me in three minutes.

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    Good thing we never needed to bring you to the doctor for a coronary had the plugin failed.

    Enjoy your WordPress upgrade!

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