Black and White

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With all this madness over gluathione supplements, I think we men are being left out.  I’m not making intriga over male glutathione endorsers (there’s nothing here for anyone looking for info on Gabby Concepcion or Jake Cuenca), it’s more like there has got to be something for the men.  Like a natural supplement that can make men look more…



Allow me to be extremely stereotypical here: if women desire to have flawless, milky-white skin, men definitely desire to be as black as possible.  You have to think like a xenophobic chauvinistic misanthropic racist to understand this:

  • If you’ve watched enough porn on the Internet, you may have noticed that many black porn actors have big penises.
  • If you happen to not be emo and represent hip-hop homie subculture, you have already been insulted enough by real Crips and Bloods in Internet forums because you’re nothing more than a “poser brown monkey.”
  • You admire former US President Bill Clinton so much, and you agree so much with Toni Morrison’s metaphor that Clinton was “the first black president.”

I’m not exactly familiar with how these “supplements” work, although I think the lot of tambay youths who like dressing up like they were just recently circumcised would really like the idea of having a dietary supplement that actually darkens – not whitens – skin tone.

Unlike tanning beds, my idea of “blackening” supplement attempts to darken your skin tone so much, not to mention give you a few extra inches of penis length (just to be xenophobic, chauvinistic, misanthropic, and racist about it).

And what better way to take this in than with a good old-fashioned suppository.

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