The Great Lozada Shoot

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(DISCLAIMER: This is going to hurt.) 

I am not a big fan of Jun Lozada, I am not an avid reader of his blog, yet I feel a need – call it a messianic urge – to step up, cast away some of my aspersions against the guy, and to come to his defense.  There are things I will respectfully disagree with, as far his claims on the NBN-ZTE deal go.  There are things I will respectfully disagree with, especially for his “blog launch.”  Make no mistake about it, there are a lot of things I do not like about Jun Lozada.  I am not a card-carrying member of the Jun Lozada fan club.  To pose with him and to post pictures on a Multiply account is completely beneath me.  So there.

Yet even for every disagreement that I have against what Lozada said, and for every disagreement I will have for what Lozada will say in the future, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Jun Lozada stood up for causes like “truth,” “accountability,” “transparency…” causes that very few Filipinos these days will stand for.  I may not necessarily like Lozada’s interpretations of those causes.  Hell, I may not even like Lozada because he gets more comments in five entries than I do in 500, to be perfectly honest.  But again, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

This is not a “Mabuhay ka” defense of Jun Lozada.  Instead, this is an attack on every single lemming – you heard me right, I said “lemming” – who casts stones and aspersions against Jun Lozada, yet do absolutely nothing to act upon the crises and problems of this nation.

You demand nothing more than silence, consent, blind obedience, passivity, apathy.  We could debate on perspectives, if you had some.  We could debate on issues, if indeed you are truly affected.  I myself would rather have a better, more credible whistleblower than Lozada, but he blew the whistle way before you lemmings ever did.  Make sure you heed these words: you have no more stake on the very future of this nation than that very moment you surrendered – no, castrated – yourselves of the very demands and responsibilities of being a citizen.  Pardon my crooked Filipino: tinanggal ninyo sa sarili ninyo ang karapatan na makinabang sa kinabukasan ng bansang ito nang inyong isinuko ang inyong mga responsibilidad bilang mga mamamayan.

The hell with planting camote on your backyards to “help alleviate the food crisis,” to vote for “lesser evils,” and to cross pedestrian lanes.  Every problem and every crisis you confront today is anything but the fault of Jun Lozada.  It’s painfully obvious it’s not my fault, either.  Not only are you barking on the wrong tree, you’re pissing on the wrong one.

Let me ask you this: what exactly have you done to help this country get out of the mess that it is in?  What?  Speak up because I want to know.  I want you to show me how you – in all your bravado of representation, in all your claims of speaking for others, in all the infinite wisdom that comes from the passage of time – are taking steps to spare the Filipino youth of the indignity of living in the shadow of this political mess.  More than that, I want to know what you have done.

I’m 22 years old.  I’m just a kid.  I have plenty of time left to change this society for the better by the time I die.  And I believe I have already done my share.  I’ve wrote, I’ve blogged, and I’ve rallied.  I admit, it’s still not enough.  Not enough to “do something about it,” but it’s more than what you lemmings do on weekdays that you watch brain-dead game shows allowing yourselves to smile when you have absolutely no reason to.  And you are freaking twice my age!  And you have the gall, the balls, and the stomach to put the very responsibility of making a better nation while you engage in a witch-hunt against Jun Lozada?

And you can actually stomach calling yourselves Filipinos?  Taxpayers?  Citizens?  Taong bayan?  And you can actually stomach giving me a dramatic excuse that you did this all for me?  What in the blue hell did the youth ever do to you that you have saddled them with a future bordering on hopelessness, and expect them to make a shining beacon out of this country?

That’s why as much as I don’t like – fine, as much as I loathe – Jun Lozada, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But unlike Lozada – unlike you – I will not wait until I have a family to feed until I start worrying about the future of this country, and doing something about it.  Like you, this country is all I have.

The only difference is that I want to make this country better, and I’m doing more than my own fair share to compensate for your inactions.  You lemmings, on the other hand, are proof that hope is indeed wasted on the hopeless.

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    Great one Marck. Coming from a kid, these lemmings could learn a thing or two from you.

    • cvj
    • June 4, 2008

    A lot of our countrymen expect their heroes to come in a certain shape and size, and Jun Lozada happens not to fit that specification. On the other hand, for all her faults, Gloria Arroyo suits them just fine. Sad, but that’s how things are.

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    • bren
    • June 5, 2008

    You are 22, you are not a kid.

    • bren
    • June 6, 2008

    iyong mga shining beacon out of this country, talagang “out of this country” na. You know… nasa Hongkong o Lebanon o Singapore o Amerikang mga OCW.

    • bren
    • June 6, 2008

    at kung maraming taong hindi bilib kay Lozada… ganoon talaga iyon. Hindi naman dahil si Lozada, hero ni schumey, susunod ako kay schumey. Paltos din naman paminsanminsan ang isipan ni schumey, eh.

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