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Sometimes, I can be so idealistic that I lose touch with the realities of life.  As I was reading Jun Lozada’s blog, recently launched through a Bloggers’ Kapihan event, I was a bit lost in thought.  I’m not a big Jun Lozada fan, but I sure am not a card-carrying supporter of the President either.  I’m lost in thought in that maybe even the pro-GMA bloc would be right on one thing – that we don’t really know what happens next after this.

Quo vadis?

These are the moments that I descend into my morose, pessimistic, cynical self.  It’s not that the Filipino is hopeless, it’s just that even justice is no longer a reward in itself if you fight for what you believe in.  Like, say, “motive.”  Political aspirations, monetary incentives, fame.  I guess the worst part is that we’re better off with the status quo than to make an effort to change our situation for the better.

I guess that’s what happens when you grow older, when eight-hour jobs start to become the norm and that you start complaining more about traffic than the legitimacy of the President.  It’s when skepticism takes over idealism, and inaction itself becomes “resistance.”  Even political participation – the most basic demand of citizenship – is no longer held with as much value as before.  It’s not about rallying or marching in the streets.  Instead, it’s about making a conscious effort towards political and social awareness, taking a stand on the issues of the time, and basically being a pain in the ass.

And yet we do need a motive.  We need piecemeal for taking a stand.  It’s a mentality of, “I’m not affected, so I don’t care.”  Or “I’m not affected, so I shouldn’t care.”  You hear that from a lot of people these days, that the only time you should act upon the situation in general is when you get affected.  Anything other than that is “bullshit.”

I guess when the basic demands of citizenship – heck, even the most basic demands of being a human being – take second banana to whatever problem is there to problematize, there really is something wrong with this country.  Quo vadis is not a question you ask if you do things in the name of your country.  Resistance is not about who should replace Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, or what would happen if everyone who knew about NBN-ZTE came out and said what they knew.  For all the failings, the shortcomings, and whatever errors this country has committed towards a citizen, the Philippines is well worth taking a stand for.  Anything other than that is bullshit.

This is why I was a bit lost in thought reading Jun Lozada’s blog.  Connect the dots.

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