VotW #5: We Celebrate F4 Mania Today!

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Let’s digress from political rants and just, well, spazz.  It’s a weekend and I’m bored.

My friend Erik says that my choices of Video of the Week are rather… well, disturbing.  I am told that some of my friends think that I have descended into madness because of my VotW choices (especially the previous winner).  On my defense, I have a very broad taste in music.  I listen to as much Smashing Pumpkins as I do Destiny’s Child.  If not for my work schedule, I would have memorized more Willie Revillame songs (even that new “Banana Split” thing that I just heard when I was having my laundry done).

Interesting (completely unverified and may be completely untrue) fact: today marks the sixth (or maybe seventh) year anniversary of F4 mania.  Are these memories best left forgotten?  Hmmm… try this on for size:

*     *     * 

*     *     * 

Yes, this week’s Video of the Week comes courtesy of Harlem Yu.  Disturbed?  I certainly hope so.

In case you have forgotten, “Qing Fei De Yi” was the opening theme of the original “Meteor Garden” series, when “Dao Ming Si” and “Shan Cai” were still household names.  This was a time when Vanness Wu’s haircut was extremely popular (not one of them side-swept cover-one-eye I-have-pubes-on-only-one-of-my-balls-if-you-check-my-nutsack-and-yes-my-penis-also-has-cuts-on-it-because-I’m-not-circumcised haircuts of today… whew).  These are the moments where I actually wish I actually watched “Meteor Garden,” for no apparent reason.  What pissed me off back then was that Josh Santana (whatever happened to him, anyway) became the Ted Ito of this generation, and made his own rendition of “Qing Fei De Yi.”  Surprisingly, I still memorized the Tagalog version,. which was entitled “Biyahe.”

Which basically means I don’t have to translate anymore.

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    Hi~ Seems like you’ve discovered my new WordPress blog already. XD I’ve yet to get used to my new blog though… I feel like it seems too dark for me. But I’m too lazy to change the layout right now. Haha. ^^;;

    Anyway… F4! XD I was reading my old entries (started at entry #1, and I’m up to entry #835 now) and I just had to smile at all of my F4-inspired entries. I miss my obsessiveness. T_T I miss being crazy over something (or someone, or a group of someones). Seems like I’m starting to lose the fangirl in me, even with TVXQ. The links to their 23rd Japanese single just leaked and I haven’t downloaded them yet. Actually, I haven’t downloaded the last 5 or so singles yet, either. T_T;;

    But those obsessions sure made for great memories. XD Those were good times, seriously. 😛 I think everyone should try being a fangirl or fanboy of something. It’s an enriching experience. Hahaha.

    Btw, if you’re talking about the anniversary of F4 mania here in the Philippines… If I remember correctly, Meteor Garden was first aired during the first week of May, in 2003. So that means F4 has been known here for 5 years already. 🙂 But if you’re talking about their Taiwanese debut, I don’t remember that… T_T I think they started in February 2001 or something. Aigoo, I can’t remember! @_@;; Hahahaha. Gosh. I’m so forgetful. T_T

    This is probably one of my longest comments to your entries, ever. Haha. 😛

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