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In almost three and a half years of blogging, I never wrote a single food review.  Maybe it’s because I have a very unsophisticated palate, and that my idea of “food” is limited to the mathematical combinations and permutations in a McDonald’s.

Then again, they say that a true gourmand will go at great lengths to get the best food out there.  On an idle weekend, when the urge to get some really good chicken gets to me, I will brave the chaotic Metro Manila south-bound route for the absolute best chicken in the world: Church’s Chicken.

Plate o' Chicken

Pardon my photography skills (and for you die-hard readers of TMX, my use of a camera phone), but I just want to demonstrate how much P120 will get you at Church’s Chicken.  The chicken portions are very, very generous indeed.  The chicken is cooked through, the breading is crisp, and the spiciness is just right.  What really impresses me about the whole Church’s experience is their flavored rice.  It’s damn sure flavorful: it’s definitely not gourmet, but it’s better than those rice-like lumps you get at any other fastfood restaurant.

Here’s the thing: the two branches of Church’s in Metro Manila (SM Mall of Asia and Starmall Las Piñas) are right next to KFC.  I’m not saying that you should all surrender Hotshots and that funky fizzy strawberry drink in favor of Church’s (mainly because I would be a hypocrite if I said so: I like Zingers and strawberry soda).  All I’m saying is that you should at least give Church’s a try.  I tell you, you won’t be disappointed.  Like me and my brother, you’d be coming to Church’s every weekend for the best chicken in the world.

Although maybe it wouldn’t hurt Church’s franchisers if they put up an outlet at TriNoma…

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