No More Chains

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I keep falling in love for all the wrong reasons, and then I go emo all over it.  Romance, to me, has become a preoccupation brought about either by boredom or by necessity.  I guess all it takes is for me to find a good-enough distraction to get myself out of love for good.

In a word: catharsis.  It’s a lot like diarrhea, enema, or a good vomit after drinking copious quantities of beer.

Pardon me to Lolit Solis-ize some “lessons learned” at this point.  If there’s anything I learned from a two-year free fall with romance, it’s that you don’t really need it.  I know this is going to sound extremely toxic (in many senses of the word), but if you find yourself wasting a lot of time and energy on people who do not reciprocate your affections, much less genuine gestures of friendship, then they really, really aren’t worth what you expend.  So yeah, you’re wasting your time.

At 22, it’s a given that I’m not getting any younger.  But that doesn’t mean that all other opportunities for me to find someone who is worth my time and my effort diminish every day I grow older.  There are plenty of other opportunities out there, not necessarily for romance.  Getting to meet new people, learning new stuff, going to new places, and trying out new things.  I may be getting old, but everything around me is always a brand-new thing that either I never experienced before, or I never really enjoyed.

No more chains, baby!

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