Sorry 'Bout Your Damn Luck*

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Go ahead, sue me for what I’m going to say: I do not respect Brian Gorrell.  Sorry ’bout your damn luck, pal.

So what, you ask?  What did Brian Gorrell ever do to me anyway?  It’s not like he stole cash I do not have, or that he destroyed my reputation.

What really irritated me is when he “spoke to us” (by “us” I mean the attendees at iBlog 4, and by “us” I mean “me”) through a special video presentation.  I have no problems with Brian Gorrell personally.  Before, I didn’t care – and to be honest, I still don’t care – if Brian Gorrell is the most famous and the most read blogger in the Philippines today.  What I do have a problem is that Brian Gorrell started blogging two months ago.  Which brings me to a reality check: I started blogging a little over three and a half years ago.

And Brian Gorrell has the audacity to give me ex cathedra straight-from-the-pulpit on-my-father’s-lap advice on blogging?  Give me an effin’ break!

I have some friends who say that as a blogger, I don’t get the respect I “rightfully” deserve.  Short answer: I don’t need it.  I air my dirty laundry out in public every once in a while, but I don’t make a small name and reputation out of telling juicy bits about myself.  For one, I don’t have juicy bits to tell people about anyway.  For two, I have better things to attend to than to lambaste people in my not-famous not-so-popular blog.  Like post absurd entries about cabbages.  Or talk about important (or as I deem them so) issues.  At least, I have yet to descend into “eventology,” whatever that is.

This is why I have an extremely grudging respect for someone like Malu Fernandez.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t want to share a cup of coffee with Ms. Fernandez anytime soon.  A: I don’t drink coffee.  B: I don’t agree with her on a lot of things, and the OFW “scandal” is the least of them.  C: She supports lesser evils no matter who’s in power, which makes her evil by virtue of a syllogism.  Yet I have to respect Ms. Fernandez for being open and honest, and for being responsible enough to take the shat when it was coming to her.

Brian Gorrell?  Sorry about his damn luck, but I simply do not care.  The same goes for the lot of new bloggers out there who think they can pull off a “Brian Gorrell” by airing dirty laundry and neurotic emo on their Multiply sites (I just have a strange dislike for Multiply, I don’t know if it’s just me).  I mean, why should I?  Big friggin deal.  Everyone gets cheated on at one point in their lives.  Everyone has that unfortunate love affair.

To quote a favorite saying by a friend of mine, “The world doesn’t revolve around YOU.”  Sorry ’bout your damn luck, but your problems are like anuses.  Everyone has one.

If you can get away with endless posts about your ex and your personal issues, I don’t see why you cannot get away with at least ONE post about the ills plaguing you as a member of society.  Never mind that you write anonymously, never mind that you don’t take the time to construct a proper sentence.  I mean, what is so difficult about taking the time to write a potentially world-changing entry?

So here’s to the Brian Gorrell’s of the blogosphere:

Sorry ’bout your damn luck.

* – This is the title of James Storm’s theme music in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which was lifted off Shooter Jennings’ “Electric Rodeo”

2 comments on “Sorry 'Bout Your Damn Luck*”

    • Myla
    • June 29, 2008

    I get your point.Really.I really cant understand also how mike abundo blogged about gorrell’s advise to bloggers.Hello!!!Brian cant even prove his allegations and fabricates comments to make it apear he has a lot of supporters. Blogging is an excellent tool.with gorrell’s kind of blog,people might push for regulations or restrictions on blogging.Bloggers are also journalist,internet,their kind of media,with freedom comes responsibility.

    I am not a blogger,but enjoy reading many blogs.just as i thought,brian gorrell’s kind of blog will multiply.such a shame.

    There is another blog which is trying to put a stop on brian’s on line rage,these people do have a point,but brian is attacking them with his usual vulgarity.

  1. Reply

    Hello Myla.

    I almost forgot about this entry. I have nothing against Mike Abundo myself (although I heard a lot about the guy), but Brian Gorrell never ceases to piss me off. I think it’s time somebody shut him up and run him outta town.

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