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Jester-in-Exile maintains by his belief that there can be a synergy and cooperation between mainstream media and bloggers. Jester is just one of the many bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere today who are reacting to a Korina Sanchez special called “Beware of the Blog.” But with all due respect to Jester and Ms. Sanchez, I do not think that a synergy or a cooperation – much less a compromise – can be met or established between traditional media and new media.

I think the sudden, if not belated, reaction of The Mainstream Media (you know what happens when I capitalize first letters of words) towards blogging is caused in great part by the Brian Gorell blog. I think that the consequence of Gorell’s online rantings is not the popularization of blogging as a form of social discourse, but of blogging becoming a venue for the kind of blackmail coddled by society.

I don’t know what’s worse: online blackmail, unhealthy doses of psychological prostitution, or blogging being unjustly labeled “bourgeois-decadent.” Like I said before, there is great power in blogging. Advocacy can be translated both online and offline. The Internet has made it possible for ordinary people to become gatekeepers of information, so much so that The Mainstream Media is losing its (figurative) choke-hold on the creation and distribution of information. To invoke Marshall McLuhan, the medium is indeed the message.

The problem (at least in my estimation) is that Mainstream Media – that is to say print – is no longer responsive to their task of being the gatekeepers of information, so much so that bloggers have taken it upon themselves to either a) provide an alternative, or b) be the resistance.  This becomes, at least, a legitimate threat to the
media orthodoxy.

“Fairness” is not something we should expect from The Mainstream Media at this stage.  What we do need is more opinions.  What we do need is more questions asked.

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