Faster, Marocharim, Kill, Kill!

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On blogging news: you can catch me every weekend at, a collaborative blog about Philippine politics, news, and social commentary.  I am joined by Nick Tingog, Lester Cavestany, The Jester-In-Exile, Manuel Buencamino, Rom Sedona, and many other bloggers.  Please link to the site, and please visit the site frequently.   It’s a labor of love of country.

The Big Question for friends and family: am I risking the possibility of actually getting shot for having strong words to say about The Government?

Hmmm… it is tempting to say “I don’t,” but I am kind of getting a bit paranoid with the “accidental exposure” from Thursday’s incident.  I have not gotten into trouble – yet – but I must be very quick to point out than in a 13-year writing odyssey, I have gotten into a lot of trouble.  My still-standing feud with a few people in the college paper is the stuff that they’ll probably exchange during bull sessions in the future.  I won’t be a teary-eyed Jun Lozada, but I will say that it’s often worth taking a risk for your country… sans the sponsored Masses and the tours and the speaking engagements.

So if ever I get shot or arrested, you now know why.

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