You, Me, and Larusso

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If you’re in my Yahoo! Messenger list, you would be interested – perhaps even annoyed – at my status messages. I’ve been buzzed by a few workmates the other day when I posted lyrics to “You Were Mine” by the Dixie Chicks, and I posted a link to “Candy” by Mandy Moore, and them Ricky Martin videos. My worst status message so far has got to be a video link to Larusso’s “On Ne S’aimera Plus Jamais.”

For your benefit:

There is no shame in saying that anyone who has been in Grade Six in the year 2000 would have once danced to the tune of one of the greatest contributions of the Europeans to disco since ABBA.  Where our parents were figuring out how to dance “Fernando” in ballroom classes, our generation danced to this.  This was the music you’ll find in “disco revolution” cassette tapes sold alongside pirated eight-tracks of Cat Stevens classics, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs, and the very best of Ketama.

Which basically means one thing: all the bravado of “187,” “rakenrol,” and “punks not dead” is rendered moot by Larusso:

  • That “gangsta” kid who wears his mother’s pantyhose on his head danced to this song in PE class.
  • That “emo” kid who wears eyeliner and slashes his wrists with Daddy’s used Gillette danced to this song in free-for-all hour at prom night.
  • That “rakenrol” kid who thinks that the best album Metallica ever made was “Saint Anger” once danced to this song during the town fiesta.

As for me, I danced to the tune of “On Ne S’aimera Plus Jamais” on the grade level Christmas party.  And there’s no shame in that.

6 comments on “You, Me, and Larusso”

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    OMG! That song! Hahahaha! It brings back memories of high school… Back when G and I had 3210’s and we both had this song as our ringtones. Hahaha. Gosh. @_@;;

    • Coco
    • April 22, 2008

    Hahaha. Oh my gawd. That is so cool. Larusso could have taken over the world. Oh, wait.. She did. 😛

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