Resistance, Now

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I never asked you for anything before.  I’m not asking you to do anything that will get you into trouble, or send you to jail.  All I am asking you is to resist.

Before anything else, an apology is in order.  I have to apologize for my rather caustic and violent statements over the past few days, here in my site and at Patriots4Truth.  There are a lot of things I should learn, both as a writer and as a person.  I believe in open communication, but there are a lot of things I myself should learn about respect.  I apologize for anyone I may have hurt in my tirades over the past few days.  I hold myself personally responsible for whatever damage this brief altercation may have caused.  It behooves me – not as an act of conscience, but as an act of respect – to apologize for the tone of my statements.

However, I do not – and I cannot – retract the meaning I intended for my statements.  I will stand by the essence of those statements: that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should be held accountable not only for the NBN-ZTE controversy, but for the “Hello Garci” scandal of the 2004 national elections.

This is why I call upon you to resist.  I do not care how you do it.  Just resist.

If you remain blind to the crimes, the shortcomings, and the betrayals of this government, you do nothing but to concede and to consent and to tolerate what we have now.  In this “free country,” we do not have the right to information: the Supreme Court of the Philippines has just ruled in favor of Sec. Romulo Neri invoking “executive privilege” on the NBN-ZTE deal, paralyzing our common search for truth.  In this “booming economy,” there are many of us who do not reap the rewards of what is supposed to be a stronger peso.  In this country “governed by the rule of law,” the President circumvents it by passing executive orders against dissent and criticism.

Which basically means that we are not free.  Our economy is not booming.  Our country is governed not by law, certainly not by justice, but by a disregard for the law and a disavowal of justice.

I am not here to explain or excuse an outburst of anger.  But I ask you this: are you not angry?  Are you not enraged?  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the powerful become ever more powerful and the powerless go ever more powerless than they are before.  When do we act?

“Revolution” is often spoken of in this country: moral revolutions, intellectual revolutions, economic revolutions, armed revolutions.  We can all disagree with what constitutes a revolution, but ladies and gentlemen, this country was founded on revolution.  It is revolution that this country needs more than ever.  This revolution may not need arms, it may not need weapons, and it may not need violence.  This revolution may not be in the mountains, and it may not need to be held in the streets.  This revolution needs two things: a cause for resistance, and people who will resist.

If you will settle for this government, if you will tolerate the lapses in judgment that this government has symbolized for the past seven years, and if you will concede and consent to the injustices and intolerable mistakes of this Administration, the change you will ask for will not materialize.  Change will not be served to you on a silver platter: you will have to fight for that change.  You will resist against those forces that deny change, and leading those forces will be the government that will do everything in its power to stay in power.

It is not going to be easy.  There will be people who will go against you.  You will exchange heated words, you will draw swords, and you may even resort to drawing a gun.  You will not like it at times.  You will grow tired of it one day.  You who read this would probably blame me for it in the future.  But as long as you do not resist, and if at any moment you cease to resist, you will one day cease to exist.

If you value your freedom, if you value your country, if you value the next generation, you will resist now.  The next generation cannot – and it will not – wait for you to expect them to do something about it.

I do not know how you will do it.  But I know how I’m going to do it: as long as I write here, as long as my wrists do not give way, as long as I can, I will resist.

All I’m asking you to do is to resist.

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    i am so blown away that i don’t know what to react anymore.

    very well written, marx!

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    To uproot the swollen tumors in the Palace near the River should be accompanied by a firm hammering of those public sinners who, today, still continues to feign ignorance and innocence with executive privileges, privileges which have truly become privileges in the literal sense of the word. And I definitely agree that resistance can never be futile unless that resistance has moral ammunitions and democratic reasons to fuel it.

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    • her royal badness
    • July 9, 2008

    wow, this is one of the best posts i have ever read. viva la resistance! 🙂 but may i add that perhaps, with our resistance, we contribute ideas to how we could effectively change our dire economic situation? maybe we could come up with economically sound suggestions that are not based on economic policies/paradigms of first world countries, since, clearly, theirs don’t apply to ours.

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