Random Thoughts #1: Men's Magazines, Bus Ride

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Running through my boardmate’s men’s magazines, I came across an issue that featured a classmate of mine back in elementary school.  I knew all about her going va-va-voom, but this was the first time I actually saw the onomatopoeia for myself.

This was the girl I developed a puppy crush on back in Grade V?  This was the girl who looked so cute with her half-frame glasses and blue cable-knit sweaters?

Make those exclamation points, emphasizing the urge to kick my own ass.  Being a meek, quiet, timid, wimpy, doormat (as a verb), non-expressive, I-talk-to-plants little nerd back then – pardon my self-deprecation – I would have had a supermodel-beauty queen girlfriend right now.

Oh well, this is not the time to wallow in self-loathing.  The year 1997 is ancient history: it was the last millennium, for crying out loud.  Nowadays, “puppy love” is obsolete, an archaic ritual now reserved for old women who fly from San Francisco, California just to meet Willie Revillame… OK, that’s “Papi love.”

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I was supposed to buy my weekly Stored Value Pass, when I realized that the MRT doesn’t run on Easter Sunday.  So much for celebrating the resurrection of Christ with joy in our hearts and elation for the second coming of the Messiah.  I found myself riding a rickety old Sampaguita bus today.  Hey, at least it’s just ten bucks off my pocket.  Never mind that this bus, with all the energy of a hacking old man with tuberculosis, was plying EDSA.

I decided to walk to the “next bus stop,” which was supposed to be the one a few dozen feet behind me, when I saw the ABS-CBN compound.  I now realize that getting exclusive seats in “Wowowee” is easier than being a Pappie Boy.  You simply have to have the patience to buy at an ukay store and live at the following places in Cubao:

  1. New York
  2. Washington
  3. Seattle
  4. Maryland
  5. Alabama
  6. Albany
  7. Minnesota
  8. Pittsburgh
  9. Miami
  10. Illinois

As for me, a resident of Krus na Ligas, I could make an excuse that I live in some common place in America called “Holy Cross.”

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