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I switch cigarette brands like a dirty old man in a Caloocan prostitution den, but I have never used a cellphone that’s not made by Nokia.  I’ve had my Nokia 6300 for three weeks, and realized how much of a liability it is everytime I board an MRT or go to a really crowded place, like say Victory Liner Cubao.  So I made my dad an offer he can’t refuse: my N6300 for his Sony Ericsson K750i.  After all, he’s been eyeing my phone for quite a while now.

I like the K750i, even if it’s an older phone.  As much as I still despise the idea of camera phones, the K750i has a more responsive camera than the N6300.  Its sound quality is phenomenal: even better than an iPod.  The only downside is that I have a less-clearer display than the N6300, and Sony Ericsson’s layout takes a bit of getting used to.

Hey, at least it’s a heavy, bulky phone.

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Sometimes I ask myself why I’m such a fickle-minded customer: I can’t seem to stick with a single brand of anything.  There are a few notable exceptions to the rule:

  • I almost always wear Levi’s;
  • It’s Coke or nothing, and;
  • I will never drink a beer that’s not proudly Philippine made.

So much for brand loyalty.

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    Neh, just wanna say that I’m — you can say — a fangirl of Ericsson phones. It’s like, SE or nothing. :p Granted, the camera isn’t as clear as it is when compared with Nokia phones, but then, I rarely ever use cams in phones anyway.

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    Shari: Who does? Like those “kawaii” poses? I’m not the type to do that.

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