Fromn Ten To Eternity*

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Ten years ago (1998), I…

  1. Almost got sued in juvenile court for breaking somebody’s arm using a door, an armchair, and a well-placed dropkick.  So I got kicked out from my section.
  2. Found out that people found me “extremely weird” because I was talking to plants.
  3. Realized that I’ve been missing out on the pleasures of eating cheese-flavored popcorn and melon-flavored snow cream.
  4. Played the first computer game I was legitimately addicted to, and that game was StarCraft.
  5. Was introduced by my own parents into politics by asking me what I thought of them voting for Jose de Venecia instead of Erap Estrada… and the Sunday night political roundtable over dinner began.

Five years ago (2003), I… 

  1. Was in my sophomore year and was introduced to left-wing activism through the campus press.
  2. Was the first student in my batch to consciously use a curse word (“fuck”) to emphasize a point in graded recitation.
  3. Found out that the best way to kill seven minutes and spend two bucks is to smoke a cigarette.
  4. Found out that the best way to kill five minutes and spend ten bucks was to buy “manggang international” from Manang Mani (mango, chili-flavored salt, bagoong, vinegar, and topped with a small amount of peanuts).
  5. Started The Marocharim Experiment, and things will never, ever, be the same again.

Three years ago (2005), I…

  1. Had my first legitimate, recognized and highly-publicized relationship that ended up on the kind of sour note that cemented the saga of it on the annals of campus history.
  2. Had my first legitimate, recognized and highly-publicized romantic relationship that ended up on the kind of bitter note that cemented the saga of it on the annals of The Marocharim Experiment.
  3. Realized that fighting for the one you love, and for causes you believe, in takes a lot out of you, and you start questioning things one by one.
  4. Made friendships I never thought existed for me, or would last so long.
  5. Entered phase one of my quarter-life crisis by hitting the big Two-Oh.

A year ago (2007), I…

  1. Embarked on the thesis project that would have my very name etched in stone.
  2. Realized that having a neurochemical imbalance isn’t all that bad, except that people want you to talk about it openly so that they can talk about it behind your back.
  3. Realized that I don’t really have to put up with things I can’t do, or things I don’t like, so maybe I should start making myself happy for once.
  4. Met the biggest group of hemorrhoidal, diarrheal, constipated, fistulated assholes in the world that to call them mere “assholes” is to dignify their statuses as such.
  5. Finally got over my anger issues and began to deal with my inner self.

Yesterday, I…

  1. Got to talk with my dentist, who says that I’m better off allowing my mild tooth-root abcess to go away on its own because no man can stand the pain of extraction sans anaesthesia.
  2. Was watching the news and was sold on the genuineness of Jun Lozada, and that Gloria Arroyo should take the high road and resign.
  3. Started familiarizing myself with the taste of Pepsi and RC Cola, because Manila is not the land of Coke.
  4. Heard of what happened in UP Baguio’s miting de avance and resolved not to write about it because I don’t have actual evidence to start ranting.
  5. Played the 20th loop of “Uninvited” on my phone, so I resolved to buy a bigger memory card with my first salary.

 Today, I…

  1. Explained to my mom that Chucks are perfectly suitable for my work attire.
  2. Opened a bank account, but my mom and the teller were kind of surprised that I don’t know how to count money fast.
  3. Helped a neighbor out by loaning out one of my suits for his high school prom.
  4. Am planning on watching a “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode.
  5. Developed a celebrity crush on KC Concepcion (I don’t know who I’m crushing on anymore: Anne Curtis, Shaina Magdayao, or KC)

Tomorrow, I will…

  1. Never know.

* – grabbed from Erik

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