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   I have no qualms with people like former Rep. Prospero Pichay, who is a staunch defender of the President.  Just as well, I hope that they understand people like me who grind axes against the President.  But what really bugged me today is that Mr. Pichay, in a press conference broadcast over NBN this afternoon, said that we should even be “thankful” that President Arroyo cancelled the NBN-ZTE deal: to him, the deal never happened in the first place.

   While I agree that the government should focus on “more important things,” NBN-ZTE falls under that general category.  While government officials can vehemently deny the existence of meetings and talks with one Jun Lozada, they really can’t deny that NBN-ZTE existed.  That is plain and simple kalokohan: a sick joke.  This is not the time to sing praises to Gloria Arroyo for having very few words to say about NBN-ZTE.

   GMA’s silence on the NBN-ZTE fiasco bothers me: to be honest, it is nothing short of kalokohan.  Silence may be golden, but the last person I expect to keep mum on the NBN-ZTE issue is the President herself.  If my memory serves me right, the National Broadband Network was her pet project a couple of SONA’s ago.  She, along with First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, seems to be the common denominator to the story, taking the testimonies of Lozada and Joey de Venecia into consideration.  In most other places, we would have let go of Lozada by now and we would invite the President over for an idle chit-chat in the Senate, or perhaps sent her a subpoena.

   Kalokohan, that the Senate didn’t even think of doing that.  Plain and simple kalokohan.

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