Singles' Appreciation Day

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   For us single types, Valentine’s Day is “Singles’ Awareness Day.”  I take this as an insult: we are aware of our singlehood for 365 days a year.  Now just because you people have dates, carry roses around like herpes, and gnaw on your chocolate bars like obsessive-compulsive plague-carrying rats, doesn’t mean that we should be “aware” that we don’t.

   We who don’t have dates on Valentine’s Day have more important things to attend to: we can ponder upon the consequences of the shooting of East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta, we can reflect on the anniversary of the 2005 terror attacks that took place in Makati.  I propose a toast to the philosopher and sociologist Max Horkheimer, the critical theorist who wrote “Eclipse of Reason,” who celebrates his 113th birthday today.

   See, you Valentine’s Day-celebrating idiots don’t have the monopoly of “owning” a single day in the calendar.  If it takes you that one day to tell your significant other that you love him or her, if it takes you that one day to give gifts or to make each other feel special, and if it takes you a red-letter day in a calendar to remind you that you are in a commitment you have a serious relationship problem.

   So hooray for being single.

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    love that bit about having a serious relationship problem. lol

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