The Man and the Experiment

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   Fine: I’m now working for The Man.  At least for now, I have a place in the corporate world of Manila.  Yup, I am now part of the capitalist mainstream: eight-hour days, business casual, permanent wedgies.  For all intents and purposes, I am a sellout.  But hey, it’s decent work: all I have to do is blog.

   The job title is “writer,” but a few friends of mine here in the Metro have a term for it: “corporate blogger.”  I like the sound of “corporate.”  But with that said, I sure as hell am going to miss writing at a leisurely, no-deadline pace in Internet cafés at Baguio City.  No more silver Coke Light cans, in this land of RC Cola and Pepsi.

   Of course, this is not the end of The Marocharim Experiment: it’s just that people who read my blog everyday are going to have to get used with entries on weekends, whenever I can.  You’ll get to read a helluva lot about Manila, about life at work, and the occasional entry charged with sexual allusions, considering the dress sense here.

   There are some projects coming for TMX, but I’m going to keep my mouth shut for now.

   Something tells me that this is not the end of an era: this is the beginning of a whole new adventure.

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