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   Tomorrow, I’m off to Manila.  Ortigas, to be exact, but non-Manila folk like me have this thing of lumping all the places in all 17 towns and cities in the National Capital Region and calling it “Manila.”  I’m off for a job interview, and I hope I don’t blow it.

   I sometimes wonder if development spread around evenly in the Philippines, I would not have reasons to even think of leaving my home here in Baguio City.  In a Sun.Star article dated February 3, 2008, information technology industries – like call centers – have delisted Baguio as one of the primary IT hubs in the Philippine “cyber corridor.”  This is painful news, especially for working students and fresh graduates in call centers with offices in Baguio City.

   One of the failures of Baguio City’s development plans over the past few years was that government did not give so much priority to communication infrastructure.  This is ironic: Baguio is one of the first places in the Philippines to have cable television, and to have Internet for that matter.  In a perfect world, where development is even and reaches the right places, there is every reason to believe that Manila-based companies would pack up their bags and move their operations to Baguio.  But as you may have already guessed, we’re not in a perfect world.

   I believe in free-market economics, but when the stability and growth of the free market is compromised by factors outside its control, the government should intervene.  So far, there has been no local or national government intervention to keep investor confidence – and employment confidence – here in Baguio City.

   Say what you will about business placement outsourcing, but it is an enterprise perfectly suited for Baguio City: it is not all that harmful to the environment, Baguio has a steady source of manpower in its schools.  The matter of putting up the robust telecoms infrastructure is up to the government.

   No, wait, they prefer to build vehicular tunnels under City Hall.  Go figure.

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