What To Get Your Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

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   This is the day and age of “gender equality” and “women empowerment.”  I think that for once, girls should spare their boyfriends the hassle and the expense of Valentine’s Day.

   I feel for my brethren: we scour shops for the cheapest but most respectable-looking deals in flowers, chocolate, teddy bears, and everything else in between.  We risk life and limb dodging traffic just to get your Valentine’s Day stuff on time.  We drain our wallets on expensive dates just so that you don’t get seen by your girl friends eating fishballs and kikiam.  We pay taxis exorbitant fares just so that you could get home and revel in the “perfect date” we arranged for you.

   For all this work, what do we get?  I’ll tell you what we get: a kiss.  A “thank you and I love you” text message.

   Really, if you’re thinking about the “perfect date” with your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, you’re under-appreciating your boyfriend.  For a change, why not give your boyfriend a rest this Valentine’s Day?  I’ve listed down some great guy-gift ideas for this season of reciprocated love. 

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Prepaid credits for computer games.  It’s a simple gift for your sweetheart, who has probably spent his computer game money for your V-Day date.  Buy a lot of game time: compensate for the money he’s spending on stuff to get you.  Make this gift even more meaningful by putting the prepaid cards on a handmade paper envelope scented with flowers and trimmed with ribbon and lace.  Also, give him February 15th off: don’t ask for any favors, don’t demand any dates, don’t send him a text message.  Allow him all the game time needed for him to enjoy your gift.

A nice bottle of liquor.  Again, try to compensate for the money your boyfriend is spending.  Remember, this is a gift he should enjoy: stay away from wine that you would drink together.  Try to stick with masculine drinks.  Now if I were your date, I would appreciate a bottle of Jack Daniels’, Cutty Sark, or Johnny Walker.  Because this is an extra-special gift, make it special: don’t give your boyfriend cheap liquor in fancy bottles like Guerrero or Napoleon.  If your boyfriend smokes, buy him a pack of expensive cigarettes, too.

Levi’s apparel.  All men like Levi’s jeans (in my case, 501’s and Levi’s Copper).  Jeans aren’t all that expensive, compared to what your boyfriend is spending on you for V-Day.  You don’t have to go to the Levi’s store to buy originals, just go to a reputable ukay store and buy the newest-looking ones.  Wash ’em, and then make them smell like new by packing them with a few mothballs then ironing them out.

iPod, or any other reasonably-priced MP3 player.  The key here is not the gift of the iPod or the MP3 player itself, but the music it contains.  Appeal to his romantic side by uploading sappy love songs that he secretly listens to.  No time for Metallica or Guns N’ Roses here: try “I Finally Found Someone,” “Angel of Mine,” “This Never Happened Before,” or anything made by Fire House.  He’ll love it.

Personalized greeting card.  Too many girls forget that it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.  Making scented paper is so easy, and trimming it with lace and ribbons makes for a far better greeting card than a Hallmark card.  Take time to write him the best love letter you can make.

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    In Korea, China and Japan, they celebrate White Day exactly a month after Valentine’s Day. 😛 On Valentine’s Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine’s Day return the favor and give gifts to women.

    I think people here should celebrate Valentine’s Day and White Day like that, too. 😛

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    Good point – had never thought of that one…

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