Love Letters, Inc.: Now Open For Business

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   It is, after all, the Love Month.  While I’m still on the way of making a legitimate contest here in my blog, I’d like to give back now through a free writing service just for this season.

  Love Letters, Inc.” is a free service exclusive here at The Marocharim Experiment.  Yes, me and my band of typing monkeys will write a free, personalized love letter for anyone this Valentine’s Month.  So:

  • If you’re too busy to write your sweetheart a love letter;
  • If you’re not too keen on your verbal skills to swoon your SO;
  • If you’re interested in what a “Love Letters, Inc.” letter can do to your relationship;

   Drop me a line here at TMX: me and my trained monkeys will write you a love letter guaranteed to take your relationship to the next level.  My service includes:

  • Free, ready-to-print love letters (in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, color or B/W) with customized design and fontwork.
  • Letter delivered to your e-mail inbox on February 13th.

   To know more, drop a comment.

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    hahahaha. What an interesting idea.

    hope you get a good turnout.

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