Dick Heads

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   Like many people, I have a big problem with e-mail spam.  Compared to most people, however, I get more than my own fair share of penis-related spam.  Maybe it’s a consequence of penis jokes and sexually-charged blog entries.

   Here’s a short list of strange penis-related spam I got from my GMail account:

  • This is your thingy… this is your thingy on meds.  Any questions?
  • Bigger size means more masculinity!
  • Don’t feel shy about your penis size anymore!
  • A penis is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Your new schlong will win more prizes!
  • Reach out and bone someone!
  • Lengthen your male device and become sex hero!
  • Become a real man, increase your machine.
  • Hear her scream your name in passion!

   I know that these shouldn’t be taken seriously, but come on!  Do I really have a sizeable problem that I deserve all these penis-related spam mails?

   Worse yet… how do they know?  😉

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