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From a CNN report: in Thailand, the flight attendant unions are complaining about a soap opera called “The Battle of Angels,” or “Songkram Nang Fah” in Thai. From what I watched, cabin crew slap each other, yank at each other’s hair, and engage in all-out catfights while dressed in miniskirts. I think of it as Thai-style “Marimar,” with the battle choreography of “Zaido” and the convoluted plot of “La Vendetta.”

So what are the Thai flight attendants so up-in-arms about? They’re worried about the overall “bad impression” that “The Battle of Angels” will have on the viewing public. In the soap opera, flight attendants are dressed in risqué outfits and have sex on flight stopovers. They squabble over the handsome pilot, and bitch-slap each other at high altitudes.

I like it: I can’t wait until they release the DVD version complete with subtitles, and I don’t mind watching a dubbed Filipino version. The idea of high-altitude cat-fights are a welcome respite from the usual formula of a Filipino soap opera.

It’s an automatic choice: “The Battle of Angels,” Pinoy version.

Now the Pinoy version of “The Battle of Angels” is not something I would like to see in GMA-7: I would like to see it in ABS-CBN. ABS’s talent pool is literally oozing with talent suitable for this soap opera.

I’m thinking Anne Curtis, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Jodi Sta. Maria as the stars of this soap. As far as the hunk pilot is concerned, I’m thinking that the Pinoy version of the controversial Thai soap is a good way for Jordan Herrera to make his showbiz comeback (he’s a former adult film star, and he was also in “Pinoy Mano-Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge,” which means he knows a lot about boxing). If that doesn’t work, the best thespic choice for the role of hunk pilot would be Diether Ocampo. After all, “Margarita” flopped.

Speaking of “Margarita,” the Pinoy version of “The Battle of Angels” is a good way to sell the love-team of Wendy Valdez and Bruce Quebral. After all, Wendy has already played the bitch role in “Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.” I also thought of fairly decent titles for the Pinoy version, like “Biyaheng Langit,” “Langit, Lupa, Impyerno,” or “Alapaap.”

Here’s how I see the plot: Anne plays rich girl-turned-noveau poor who is forced to take up a job in an airline to support her family. Diether plays young pilot, and is new to the airline. First day on the job, Diether meets Jordan, his co-pilot. Jodi plays flirtatious flight attendant, fianceé of Diether. Diether falls in love with Anne at first sight. Diether, is engaged to Jodi, so animosity builds up between Anne and Jodi. Enter Ruffa: chief flight attendant, sugar-mommy to Jordan, but has the hots for Diether. Ruffa is willing to dump Jordan for Diether, and Jordan grows suspicious. However, Jordan also has feelings for Anne.

Wendy plays squatter girl near the airport. She is the live-in partner of Bruce, who plays a blue-collar worker. Wendy dreams of being a flight attendant, but Bruce – ever the patriarchal archetypal lalake – would have none of it. While selling halo-halo near the airport, Wendy meets Jordan, and concocts a plan to seduce Jordan for her to be a flight attendant.

Oh yeah, I smell ratings. ABS-CBN producers: here’s your new soap opera.

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    Hmm… I think I’d watch that. Haha! 😛

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