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Lesnar vs. Mir, UFC

   It’s big news in Yahoo! Sports: former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar versus former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir in the octagon.  The headline reads: “Fake wrestling star tries UFC.”  Can Brock Lesnar, an untested MMA fighter who made a name for himself in professional wrestling, beat a seasoned MMA fighter in Frank Mir?

   Tale of the tape: Lesnar is 6’3″, 265 lbs., 1-0-0 record in MMA, wrestler.  Mir is 6’1″, 240 lbs., 10-3-0 record in MMA, Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist.

   Let me break it down for you: this is mixed martial arts, this is the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  This isn’t about whacking a steel chair over somebody’s head or choreographed fighting with soap opera elements thrown in.  This is “real fighting,” although it involves a great part of watching two men roll around on the canvas for three minutes or so.

   Because this is “real fighting,” my crystal ball is not as clear as it is compared to predicting plot lines in pro wrestling.  Having watched my own fair share of both fighters’ fight videos to make “objective” predictions, it’s still pretty vague to me who will win the match.  As good as Lesnar is on the mount, Mir is equally good on his back.  The cinch is that Mir cannot escape Lesnar’s powerful takedown, but he’s in the perfect position to dispense with an armbar.

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