I am using a site tracker, which means I am Big Brother, and TMX just became George Orwell’s 1984.  This is at the suggestion of friends, who say I should seriously consider using a tracker to get some “inside knowledge” of my readers.

   This is “inside knowledge” taken to the extreme.

   So far, here are my impressions:

  • As much as I hate the idea of surveillance, I get a kick out of tracking people.
  • My dad is a loyal Marochaholic.
  • At least a dozen readers have searched for “manny pacquiao scandal” and found my blog via Google.
  • Most of my readers are Filipino.  Duh.
  • If you heart TMX, you heart Macintosh.
  • Filipinos who heart TMX also heart Smart Broadband.
  • Romantic experiments have potential in the United Kingdom.
  • Canadians read my blog more often than Americans.  I love you, Canada!

   So to cater to these needs, here are some changes I’m considering:

  • I’ll make this blog friendly to Safari users, and probably use a Mac-based theme.
  • I’ll have my dad stop reading my blog.
  • I won’t write about Manny Pacquiao anymore.
  • Controversial titles = more readers.  As such, “scandal” will precede or succeed every title from now on (i.e. the title of this entry is “Big Brother’s Watching Scandal”).
  • I’ll make this blog available in French Canadian, and future TMX t-shirts will bear the Canadian maple leaf and will be made out of imitation beaver fur.

   Man, I like tracking.  🙂