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   Hitachi just released the world’s first one terabyte hard drive.  To put 1,000 gigabytes into perspective, imagine six 160 GB hard drives and one 40 GB hard drive all linked together (or two 500 GB hard drives, whichever comes first).  Then put all that hard drive space in one standard hard drive.  This is what the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 has to offer.  All for $399: forty cents a gigabyte.

   Of course, I’m not a technology journalist, so I don’t have a test model with me.  Besides, this is not a review.

   Seems just like yesterday when the gigabyte was big.  Heck, it seemed like only yesterday that the 1.44 MB diskette was state-of-the-art.  Nowadays, you can fit at least 4 GB of data space into a memory card, even more.  USB thumbdrives with 8 GB of space aren’t uncommon, and there are 80 GB Flash drives abroad that cost around $200.  Pretty soon, the next big thing would be a 1 TB Flash drive.

   PC World reports that the computer hardware industry just took two years to release a 1 TB drive since the first 500 GB drive was released in 2005.  The article also reports that the drive is primarily intended for gamers, multimedia artists, businesses in need of massive storage media, and other high-end users.  Or perhaps people who get a psychological reinforcement from having one big-ass drive.  After all, it doesn’t take a lot of work to fill an 80 GB drive nowadays: I filled mine with bad games, great music, and Microsoft Word documents.  Pretty soon, 1 TB drives won’t be enough from MP3 collectors and perverts who like hanging on to their porno MPEGs.

   However, I’m not recommending that you have your relative in the States buy you a 1 TB drive just yet: $399 is a bit pricey (in terms of Philippine pesos, that’s around P16,300: roughly the cost of a budget PC).  And for most computer users, 1,000 gigabytes of hard disk space is too big (unless you like using Vixy to save all your streaming video).  But if said relative from the States would like to give me a 1 TB drive to test out for a proper review, you let me know.

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