I’m still not over the fact that a couple of years ago, drunken_angel of FilipinoFriendFinder copied the following entries from Original TMX:

   No, I’m not pissed.  She really should have copied those entries that had gratuitous metaphorical allusions to penises and feces.  Then she could have been just like me.  After all, she did copy those bracketed tag lines that have been my signature opener back then.

   Look, if you’re going to copy TMX, you might as well do a good job of doing it: please copy the ass analogies.  If you’re going to copy my romantic experiments, you’re not doing a good enough job.  Sige na naman, kung mangongopya din lang kayo, yung seryosohang kopya na.  I don’t have problems with plagiarists who would like to spread the Gospel of Marocharim if they copy the entries that describe sex and human excretion in detail in order to make a point.  But it seems that nobody in FilipinoFriendFinder would do that.

   I feel offended – even used – that people take my entries and pass it off as theirs.  But that’s forgivable.  But why are you so selective in copying?  Like I said before, there is no mutually-exclusive experience: I’m sure you have as pathetic a love life as I do, but why don’t you copy the more Freudian entries?  Really, you’re offending me in picking “favorites” to copy.  I put so much thought in comparing people to hemorrhoids and herpes lesions, and this is how you repay me?

   So please, do me a favor: if you’re going to copy TMX and pass it off as yours, please copy everything.  Huwag niyo naman sana akong insultuhin, na mamimili pa kayo ng entry na kokopyahin ninyo.  Pinaghirapan ko rin lahat nun eh.